AUSFLUG 2.4.18 Black Easteregg, Playlist

From the Side of Man and Womankind (Exc.)Tony Conrad/Faust
Brando Scott Walker + Sunn O)))
It Took The Night To Believe SUNN O)))
From the Side of the Machine (Exc.)Tony Conrad/Faust
Dead Khanate
Tower Place Burning Witch
Reasonably Miserable Ginnungagap
Die Uhr spricht (Featuring Schneider TM) Station 17
Lurid Clusters Brandon Seabrook
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Difficult Music : Easter Special (Monday \ 5-7 pm MEZ / 4-6 pm GMT)

And was Jerusalem builded here among those dark Satanic mills? György Ligeti, Johann Sebastian Bach, Prurient, Alfred Schnittke, Pharoah Sanders, Krzysztof Penderecki, Alban Berg, Albert Ayler, Johannes Brahms, Blues Control & Laraaji, Karol Szymanowski and Anton Webern. Audio files from Pier Paolo Pasolini's movie »The Gospel According to St. Matthew« are used during the programme.
Tune in, drop out!
5. April 2018 @ Kampnagel

Playlist TimeOut - 28.03.2018 This Is Pop No.69 17-19.00 Uhr

TimeOut - 28.03.2018 This Is Pop No.69 FSK 93,0MHz 17-19.00 Uhr

Artist Titel Label
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin records
HOT SNAKES six wave hold-down sub pop
RADIO HAVANNA kaputt uncle m
ZEKE redline relapse records
ZEKE two lane black top relapse records
NAPALM DEATH dear slum landlord… people like you
ACCUSED london only fit for the bin
ACCUSED escalator hater only fit for the bin
CASTRO personal question boss tuneage
CUSTODY these times little rocket records
HYSTERESE back to nature this charming man
MONSTERS rock around the tombstone voodoo rhythm records

kenya @ . .
6. Transgender Film Festival - 17. – 21 April - KIEL) +

Difficult Music For Difficult People (Monday \ 5-7 pm MEZ / 4-6 pm GMT)

If you're trapped in the dream of the Other, you're… Goats, Bruce Gilbert, SPR and TVO.
Tune in, drop out!
27. March 2018 @ Rote Flora
Live: Schluss, Haarp Hysteria, Tooth Decay. I’ve seen Demons
Live stream:

Playlist SkaTime No.141 RUSSKAJA Special 24.03.2018 18:00-19:30 Uhr

SkaTime No.141 RUSSKAJA Special 24.03.2018 18:00-19:30 Uhr
artist titel label
SPECIALS SkaTime Intro/Message to you chrysalis
RUSSKAJA barabani chat chapeau records
RUSSKAJA do utra chat chapeau records
RUSSKAJA zirk chat chapeau records
RUSSKAJA ras dwa tri hoanzl
RUSSKAJA traktor hoanzl
RUSSKAJA violina mia napalm records
RUSSKAJA radost moja napalm records
THE BEAT / SELECTER SkaTime Mix mirror in the batrrom/twist & crawl/hands off…she's mine/too much pressure/out on the streets/missing words ariwa/chrysalis
SPECIALS SkaTime Intro/Message to you chrysalis

AUSFLUG 26.3.18 Nächsten Montag, aber für morgen.

AUSFLUG 260318
Continuing Our Discussion of Tedium Hsia Yu + Yan Jun
Controversy Prince
Another Chessboxin' Argument Wugazi
Argument Fugazi
Dispute Thurston Moore, John Moloney
Percussion Music #1 Frans de Waard
Split On Both Sides Duds
Aspirin Nation Noseholes
Verheimlichung GEWALT
Debate plastiq
Argument Joshua Abrams
Closing Arguments Prurient

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