Am Dienstag den 13.04. von 17 - 19 Uhr zu Gast bei Ale und Harald tun es: Nicolai Beverungen von ECHO BEACH

Am Dienstag den 13.04. zwischen 17 und 19 Uhr begrüßen Ale und Harald Nicolai Beverungen, Macher des Labels ECHO BEACH. Dub & Reggae sind die Schwerpunkte des Labels, das vor allem durch unglaubliche KING SIZE DUB-Serie bekannt ist.
Nicolai wird in der Sendung erzählen wie alles anfing, wie sein Label sich entwickelte & was sich antreibt.


Infos zu ECHO BEACH:
"Whats the link between Mick Jagger, Stereo MC´s, Grace Jones, Simply Red, Massive Attack, The Clash, KLF, Die Toten Hosen, Ton Steine Scherben, Seeed and Fanta 4 on the one hand and Shabba Ranks King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, Big Youth, Sly & Robbie, Horace Andy, Gregory Isaacs, Augustus Pablo, Glen Brown, I-Roy and The Congos on the other?

Exactly. However, for those of you with a quizzical squint in your eyes: All of the above have shown off their artistic prowess on various releases by label group ECHO BEACH laying themselves open to the labels maxim In Dub We Trust.
Hang on a second. What exactly is the connection between Mick Jagger, dub and the ten year anniversary of bespoke label group? Well, ECHO BEACH has always considered dub to be more of a philosophy of life and consequently streched the meaning of dub a little further than some reggae acts would like even though they do represent the musical roots of dub. Then of course there is the fact, that it was standard practice for all mega stars of the 70s and 80s to include a dub mix on the b-side of their 12 maxi singles or could this be a part of the answer?
The original meanings of dub are add or alter sound on film and make a knight. So something about living life on a sound track... not quite in the real life, just like there is the conscious and the subconscious? Or even something about knighting someone?? Questions label founder Nicolai Beverungen cannot answer for sure, either and doesnt even want to. There is one thing he is quite certain about, though: He has been fascinated by the term dub for as long as he can remember. The extremes he goes to are illustrated by a dub version of the book of books, the bible...

There have been two German dub compilations, one American and two volumes of a French dub selection. The year of the anniversary will witness a Scandiavian, South African and New Zealander compilation each. Dub is outernational-international and the nine installments of the legendary KING SIZE DUB series are brought to a conclusion with KSD 10. The artists on this compilation are a very international bunch indeed and represent a quite exceptional cross-section of the best in contemporary dub.

Dub Syndicate, Revolutionary Dub Warriors, The Young Gods, Rockers Hifi, Shara Nelson, Jehlisa, Primal Scream, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Dreadzone Khao, Dr. Israel, Smith & Mighty, Bally Sagoo, Thunderball, Mutabaruka, Kieser & Velten, Walkner & Möstl, Tosca, Bim Sherman, Junior Delgado, Dreadzone, Audio Active and many more. The remix/reconstructed series Select Cuts from Blood & Fire with its new interpretations of old reggae classics has achieved legendary status ever since it has been first released five years ago. Reggae meets contemporary pop.

Then there are all the releases by individual artists: amongst others Annie Anxiety, Groove Corporation, Nick Manasseh, Templeroy, Black Star Liner, Bally Sagoo, Tackhead, Seven Dub, More Rockers, King Tubby, The Slackers, Keith Le Blanc and Cidade Negra from Brazil. The German success story SEEED have initially also been a member of the ECHO BEACH stable, prior to being whisked over to major Warner Brothers. The determining factors for Nicolai Beverungen have always been his own preferences and instinct: When I noticed people jiggling along to the music I listened to and played as a DJ, and then even asking me where they could buy that stuff, my career path just opened right up in front of me.

Nicolai Beverungen has never had any doubts about his repertoire: dub with all its variations and facets of modern and contemporary pop music it would have to be. Personally I deeply enjoy old and beautiful originals and I admire those enthusiastic collectors of rare old sounds. As far as the present is concerned, however, and especially for releases on the ECHO BEACH label group, I think it is very important to deal with progress, future sounds and visions. Of course this doesnt mean that everything thats new is good something that holds true for the reverse as well, I might add. Every age has its high points and its those that I want to connect. This is also true for bringing together diverse musical styles. A striking example of this approach is Cool Hipnoise from Lisbon who offer a complex and compelling mix of latin, jazz, hip hop and reggae. Their album Kingston, Havana, Lisbon has been released on the ECHO BEACH sub-label Select Cuts. DrumnBass, Garage, Disco, House, Ambient, Ambience, Eclectic and Avantgarde are all represented on ECHO BEACH group records, not to mention punk-rock and wave. Ive been initiated to reggae with punk-rock era bands such as The Ruts and The Clash (who can be enjoyed on the Select Cuts complilation Wild Dub Dread meets Punk Rocker Downtown) and from there on dub-reggae just took hold of my mind.
A variety that surely culminates in the soon to be released Modern Wild Dub Dread meets Disco Punk Rocker Downtown which showcases the best in contemporary disco punk with bands like LCD Soundsystem, Chicken Lips, Playgroup, Radio 4, !!!, and Chicks On Speed.

The labels name ECHO BEACH was borrowed from the new wave song of the same name by Canadian band Martha & The Muffins, with a twelve-version-strong remix album compiled in tribute two years ago. The year of the ten year anniversary will witness still more remixes, never forgetting the labels motto crucial recordings in the name of dubbbbbbbbbbbb! ... or can anyone imagine anything better than listening to the worlds best music on a beautiful beach?"

kontakt: aleundharald [at] fsk-hh [dot] org

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