Radio Gagarin Konzert bei FSK 93.00 mhz am Sonntag, 20. März 2011

Am 20. märz 2011 ab 15.00 uhr bei kafee und kuchen im vorraum von fsk ist wieder einmal ein radio konzert.


Since the early 80’s DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE has existed with various cast creating performances, concerts and expositions. Being part of the international cassette scene and active in the more domestic electronic music scene the group has produces numerous cassettes and participated on plenty of international compilation and started touring outside of Berlin in 1983. Already having participated on vinyl compilation the group's first solo LP The Harvest of Magnetism I & II / Überlebensformen II had been release some time after its move to Barcelona in 1990 on the legendary label Discos Esplendor Geometrico, Madrid, Spain. A first CD Interférence Et Plus followed on the Bordeaux based label SFCR in 1992. Since 1996 Guido Huebner lives and works in Caen were he developed the concerts first with Samuel Loviton and now as well with the video artist Flavien Lavisse.

With this cast, the “mise en scène” goes beyond the criterions of a concert to take on the direction of a performance in which different forms of expressions depart from similar conditions and fuse in the given space during the time of the presentation.

Performance after performance a dispositive that perpetually renews had been conceived, a core of customized objects, modified, deconstructed, reassembled. It allows creating sound and images live, from a very similar base, without to call upon pre-recordings for either one.

The sounds can be acoustic, mechanically produced, or projected without any other processing then the amplification, amongst which numerous customized loud speakers, which aren’t exactly « high-fidelity » so to speak. The main part of the objects used to crate this « musique concrète live » aren’t exactly made with the purpose of creating sounds : battery powered mixers, electric shavers, ice machines others for soups, café, battery powered sewing machines, electric trains, motors for barbeques, alarm clocks, dictaphones, mechanical wind up toys, pumps for aquariums and fountains, fans, etc.

In the same fashion, the live video work with camera and projector uses motorised assemblages of different speeds with semitransparent, colored, perforated materials in movement in front of the camera as well as the projector, which allows for many variations, not unlike what is used for the sound, though both form of expression keep certain autonomy.

Jetzmann (radio gagarin/hamburg)
radioredakteur und musiker in verschieden bands seiten den 1980er Jahren: die erde, mastino, um einige zu nennen. Danach zusammenarbeit mit andreas hoffmann und der hinwedung zu mehr hybridartigen elektronischen kompistionen, die dem techno und industrial nahe standen. Seine vorliebe für metall ließ ihnen einen eigenen stil zwischen ambientcollagen und gitarrendrone entwickelen, den er nicht so harsch, aber experimetell, heute darbieten wird.

wird heute einige kleinode aus den unfangreichen radio gagarin archiven zur pausenuntermalung zum besten geben. Er ist u.a. experimenteller musiker in verschieden kombinationen, radio gagarin redakteur und mitherausgeber des "odradek" - einer zeitschrift für experimentelle musik und kunst. Seit 1994 ist er schon bei gagarin und hat in den 90er jahren bei verschieden gelegenheiten in bekannten clubs und orten platten aufgelegt.

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