28.1. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music For Difficult People

Today's music: a special about Wolfseule, Actress, Ingrid Laubrock, Adrian Sherwood, Dolphins Into The Future, Happa, Madteo, Pseudo Nippon and Harsh-Noise-Karaoke.
Win 1x2 Tickets for Zeitkratzer. Live at Kampnagel, Thursday, 31 January 2013. More: klub katarakt (Festival for experimental music,electronics, bands and installations). Just call us during our show: 004940-43250046. First come, first served.
Things to come: Dolphins Into The Future & Orphan Fairytale live at FSK, Tuesday, February 5th
More: https://www.facebook.com/difficult.music

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