Difficult Music : Sven Kacirek \ Economic Partnership Agreement (Monday \ 5-7 pm MEZ / 4-6 pm GMT)

There is no rain. At all, at all, at all. Sven Kacirek is today’s guest at Difficult Music and gives insight into his latest release (a collaboration with Daniel Mburu Muhuni). The interviews from Kenya about an “Economic Partnership Agreement” (EPA) mark the core of ten compositions by Sven and Daniel. They have spoken to dozens of people who might be affected by the planned free trade agreement between the EU and the African Pacific Countries. While EPA is being negotiated mainly outside of the limelight of international attention, this album of musical oral histories is an approach to shed a critical light onto the complex circumstances and inhumane side effects of global trade.
"Economic Partnership Agreement" by Sven Kacirek and Daniel Muhuni
Photo: Agnieszka Krzeminska
Tune in, drop out!
6 December 2017 @ Michelle Records (6pm)
8 December 2017 @ Westwerk
Sven Kacirek & Daniel Mburu Muhuni Live
8 December 2017 @ Golden Pudel
20 Jahre Otaku Records
9 December 2017 @ Rote Flora
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The latest Difficult Music

The latest Difficult Music episode (4 December 2017) is on Mixcloud. Thanks to Sven Kacirek (and Daniel Mburu Muhuni) for their engagement, true words and music.

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