It's All About Punk Show #19 (Monday, July 1, 12:00, CET)

Today, 12:00 CET. It's All About Punk Show #19 (extended version). The guests are Pan and Karsten of No Spirit Fanzine. We've got bunch of really cool punk records for the show, new ones, old ones and some of the upcoming releases. Many thanks and lots of love to them for coming and making this episode happen. Check out No Spirit Fanzine: ????⚡️

+ some great bands which played K-Town Hardcore Fest in Copenhagen few weeks ago.

If you have questions about this show or you want to make a review on your local scene, label or whatever, just contact me, i'll be really happy to do this with you, itsallaboutpunkshow [at] gmail [dot] com

No Problem / C.H.E.W. / No Sugar / Jarada חרדה / Scooter Kids Must Die / Bad Affair / As a dagger / see more glass / Krank / RULES / Black Gust / The Celetoids / EKE BUBA / Ponor / Wild Forms / Left to Starve / HAG / Axe Rash / Vidro / Government Flu / Warthog / Macho Boys / Negative Gears / Syndrome 81 / Night Birds / the Hex Dispensers / NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS / The Murder City Devils / Government Warning / Bad Religion

+ K-Town edition:
Khiis / Nosferatu / IRREAL / Larma / Ond Tro / Planet Y / Lucta / Loose Nukes / Machine Gun / Trau / Kovaa Rasvaa / Night Fever / Kurrakä / Abuso

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