It's All About Punk Show #24 (Monday, October 7, 12:00, CET)

Tørsö performing Fluff Fest 2019. Photo by @timbirkbeckphotos.

It's All About Punk Show #24. Straight outta Fluff Fest in Czech Republic. Made together with Jasmine and Mae of Tørsö from Oakland, CA, USA. We talked about a lot of interesting stuff, put a bunch of great bands from Bay Area and not only. It was really great to meet these lovely people and i hope to see them again one day.

Check out the band:

Photo by @timbirkbeckphotos

If you have questions about this show or you want to make a review on your local scene, label or whatever, just contact me, i'll be really happy to do this with you, itsallaboutpunkshow [at] gmail [dot] com

Tørso / Parálisis Permanente / Gorilla Angreb / Result of Choice / S.H.I.T. / CELL ROT / Urban Sprawl / Needles / Rare Form / Luxe / Silent Era / Screaming Fist / Composite / Siamese Twins / KURRAKÄ / Holy / Plume / Neighborhood Brats / Punch / Lush

Find previous episodes here:

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