archive & augenzeugen: Sun Ra & His Akestra - Ra To Rescue!/Modern Harmonic (dienstag, 03.05.22, 14-15 uhr)

Über die platte wird geschrieben: "Many albums Sun Ra released on his Saturn label seem to have been programmed in random shuffle; hybrid pressings turn up which couple tracks from unrelated sessions, sometimes in clashing styles, often under new album titles. To the Ra enthusiast, this is not a bug—it's a feature. Each time the band went on tour (which was often), they needed product to sell at concerts. Rather than re-press existing albums, Ra had a penchant for reconstituting the catalog with fresh material, even if it was juxtaposed with previously issued material.
Ra to the Rescue was pressed in limited quantities in 1983, but several of its tracks subsequently were reissued with other tracks on the albums (commonly referred to as) When Spaceships Appear, Cosmo-Party Blues, Somewhere There, and Children of the Sun. Those album "titles" are in many cases simply titles of the first track on a particular side (these were scribbled in pen on otherwise blank labels). To complicate matters, many tracks were retitled for reasons that shall forever remain inscrutable."
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