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01.04. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music For Difficult People

Today we play music from: White Wigwam, No Pavarotti, Miles, Trowser Carrier and exellent tunes from Chinook. Turn in, drop out!

25.3. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music For Difficult People

Wildstyle today! The new Trowser Carrier album in full length! Also music from Java Delle, Lee Gamble, The Last Poets, Time Zone, Grey Guides, Dwellings and Dru$s. Our guest Chinook will bring tons of strange music, also one record from Siouxsie and the Banshees. Turn in, drop out!


18.3. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music For Difficult People

Today's music: Abraxas Apparatus, Java Delle, Krankenhavs, Claus Poulson, David Wallraf, Anna Steiden & chra and Lee Gamble. Unfortunately the radio concert with Amortisation is cancelled and will occur later this year. Same thing with his concert tomorrow (March 19th) at the FSK-Foyer.

The Escapists Lounge:

11.3. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music

New music: Pete Swanson, Basic House & Prostitutes, A. K. Klosowski & Pyrolator, The Haxan Cloak, Emptyset and Java Delle. Plus songs from the compilations »Transmissions from the Heart of Darkness« and »Change the Beat: The Celluloid Records Story 1979 - 1987« and Monton »Monotonprodukt 07«.

15.03.: Java Delle solo set @ Alhambra, Oldenburg

25.2. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music - Geronimus Link live on air

Today: Live set from Geronimus Link »Scrapes together the (the sound of) walls of jelly«. Plus new music from: Legion Of Swine, Ekoplekz, Prurient, The Hers, David Wallraf and Encym.

11.2. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music - Bad Wires Festival #2 Preview

Bad Wires Festival #2 preview with music from: Java Delle, Klaus Legal, No Pavarotti, Radiator 865, Rumpeln, SonyTony and White Wigwam.

February 14th: K’ – Zentrum Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen
w/ No Pavarotti, Klaus Legal & SonyTony

4.2. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music For Difficult People

New TTTT releases and concert preview (Orphan Fairytale & Java Delle)

28.1. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music For Difficult People

Today's music: a special about Wolfseule, Actress, Ingrid Laubrock, Adrian Sherwood, Dolphins Into The Future, Happa, Madteo, Pseudo Nippon and Harsh-Noise-Karaoke.
Win 1x2 Tickets for Zeitkratzer. Live at Kampnagel, Thursday, 31 January 2013. More: klub katarakt (Festival for experimental music,electronics, bands and installations). Just call us during our show: 004940-43250046. First come, first served.

21.1. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music For Difficult People

Maybe you will listen to music from: Trowser Carrier, Judas Donneger (Liveset October 31st, 2012), Oneohtrix Point Never, In Remko Scha (Music composed and played by machines), Silent Harbour, Technocannibaal, JK Flesh & Prurient, Sculpture and Emerch. Tune in, drop out!
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