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AUSFLUG 160919 Adorno goes New Age Metal u.a.

Aspekte des neuen Rechtsradikalismus (Exc.) Adorno
New World Order Rising Asva
Aldebaran CAVINU (17.9., Gängeviertel)
后现代城 Post Soho City Earsnail (17.9., Gängeviertel)
Niminy - Piminy Alexander von Schlippenbach (18.9., Yoko Bar)
Titan Moon Parker Bailey Bennink (Han Bennink + Delius, Hughes, , 18.9., Stage Club)
The Other Side Moving Targets (19.9., Hafenklang)
Spirit Or Exhaust Rat's Eyes (19.9., Hafenklang)
Messiah of Evil forced into femininity (21.9., Schute)
Sehnsucht Danielle de Picciotto (+ Bertoni, Hardinge, 21.9., Westwerk)

AUSFLUG 090919 Hardcore in Theorie und Praxis, Core aus Israel und noch was

screaming at a wall minor threat
black, jewish and poor void
the word fugazi
Horrendify And Kill Sore Throat
The Missing Link Napalm Death
Exhume To Consume Carcass
10.9. Rote Flora Karkait, The Owl that married a goose
Ha'Kiyum // קרקעית הקיום Karkait
Snipe Hunt Mechonat Hereg
Cyclone B Duralex Sedlex
Undercover Anarchist (Bomb Squad Mix) Silver Bullet
12./13./14.9. Futurecore2000 Kraftwerk Bille, 19. 30 Uhr, am 13. im Anschluss Buchvorstellung B. Ludewigs „Utopie und Apokalypse in der Popmusik“
CATCH IT LIMITER Kilbourne Bounces

AUSFLUG 020919 „Futurecore 2000“ Interview mit Gloria Hoeckner

Komusar (moving) Zoë Mc Pherson (Futurecore 2000 ab 7.9. Kraftwerk Bille)
Climax Jetzmann
BECAUSE I'M FEMALE Sentimental Rave
Perpetual Motion Somniac One
Fraud CUNTROACHES (3.9. Schute)
Ventile Asmus Tietchens (4.9. Hörbar)
It's You Big Joanie (5.9. Hafenklang)
Rosa WRACKSPURTS (6.9. Stubnitz)
Deep (prayer) Zoë Mc Pherson
Archiv: www.mixcloud.com/jetzmann/ausflug-2919-23-uhr-fsk-hamburg/

AUSFLUG 26.8.19 Künstlerhaus, Platzfestival, Pudel, Schute, Westwerk und all so was

Death Valley '69 Sonic Youth & Lydia Lunch
Nonja Decha (Künstlerhaus Wendenstr. , 30.8.19)
immaculate guenter schlienz (Hörbar 30.8.19)
Moondog the Viking, Harburger Bahnhof, 30.8.19:
Bedtime Songs and Lullabies Julie Andrews and Martyn Green with Music by Moondog
Down Is Up Dustin Laurenzi
rosa Grus & Rosaceae (Pudel, 31.8.)
Krack Sea Nika Son (Pudel, 31.8.)
From Soup To Nuts Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim (Schute, 31.8.)

AUSFLUG 12.8.19 Sommerfestival bis Hafenklang

Scattered Drops Alizadeh, Saba (16.8. Westwerk)
Aspekte des neuen Rechtsradikalismus (Exc.)Th. W. Adorno
Internationales Sommerfestival Kampnagel:
Up out My Face (feat. Peaches) Cakes da Killa (Peaches, 15.8. ff.)
The Return Of Bacardi Faka u.a. (15.8.)
Count This Keith LeBlanc (feat. Annie Anxiety)
Such a Small Love Little Annie & Paul Wallfisch (14.8.)
Non Binary Femme Planningtorock (16.8.)
A Serpent Of Velour P.A. Hülsenbeck (18.8.)
Power Violence Forever DOPETHRONE (14.8. Hafenklang)
Way Of The World Flipper (16.8. Hafenklang)
I Can Learn The Jesus Lizard

AUSFLUG 050819 Sommerfestivals, lose Mundwerke, Jazz-Clochards

Third Self-Portrait Series Rachel´s
Internationales Sommerfestival Kampnagel:
Fantasie Taktloss (7.8.)
Deine Reime Sind Schweine DJ Koze AKA Adolf Noise
Die Erloeser Myka Nyne & Taktloss (7.8.)
Should We Accept Trance Krampf (7.8. ff., LA HORDE Marry me in Bassiani)
Vom Nebel Zum Leib (Feat. Raju Arara & Ensemble Economique) Jung An Tagen (8.8.)
Dark Cut (Feat. Joannine Standish) Croatian Amor (8.8.)
Moondog - Floating: Katia Labèque, Yaman Okur, Triple Sun, Thalia, 10.8.:
Fog on the hudson (425 west 57th street) Moondog
Lullaby (2 west 46th street) Moondog

AUSFLUG 290719 Männlichkeit, Idole, Exotica, CSD

What Is A Man? Nancy Walker
I'm a man Jobriath
'I love you man' Marina Rosenfeld
Man Next Door Glyn Bigga Bush
Falling Man, Rising Woman For Solo Voice And Electronics Simon Vincent
Poor Sucker Low
Frontman New Kingdom
(Frontman und Klein 3.8. Archipel)
No Idol DJ Haram
Twilights Of The Idols SPK
kill yr. idols Sonic Youth
A Fallen Idol Andrew Chalk
Licorice_4 Klein
Rayon Hula Mike Cooper
All Men Are Beasts Man 2 Man (CSD Demo 3.8. ab Lange Reihe)

AUSFLUG 220719 Hoimat, 20. Juli, Hohenzollern, Embryo, Bruital furore, Apollo 11

Heimatfront Mastino
Dictator Strafe F.R.
Resistance Barzel
[Middle Notches] 09.33 Munsha
What's Happening Embryo (25.7. Hafenklang)
Calcutta Raga Embryo
The Return of the Herd Anemone Tube (26./27. 7. MS Stubnitz)
Il lungo animale Munsha (26./27. 7. MS Stubnitz)
feral Grus & Rosaceae (Letztere 26./27. 7. MS Stubnitz)
no mono game JANA JAN (26./27. 7. MS Stubnitz)
Intrâmite Marcela Lucatelli (26./27. 7. MS Stubnitz)
Under Stars (Remastered) Brian Eno
Archiv: https://www.mixcloud.com/jetzmann/ausflug-22719-23-uhr-fsk-hamburg/

AUSFLUG 15.7.19 Progressive-Sofa-Hardcore-Fake

Sofa no. 2 Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention
Peaches En Regalia Frank Zappa
Texture Space (2014) Goran Lazarevic
Astro Punks Fuck Off Loser Youth
Bismarck Kopf Ab Loser Youth
fear the hurt United And Strong
Typical Poison Idea
Plastique D.R.I.
O.C. Life D.I.
Amoeba Adolescents
Process Subhumans
Pipa Pipa Portalspawn Guttersnipe
Miss Miss J X ENDE
Glass Bead Curtain At The Factory Entrance J X ENDE
Chimera Bertoni Boccardi Mongardi
Truth Is Healing Anthony Child
Archiv: https://www.mixcloud.com/jetzmann/ausflug-15719-23-uhr-fsk-hamburg/

AUSFLUG 8.7.19 Noise Rock Oldies

False Self Cage Attilio Novellino
Common People Pulp (9.7. B-Movie Film über Pulp)
Longing to Be the Mountain King Buffalo
Mothers Over Silverpoint To Live and Shave in L.A.
(10.7. Schute, 11.7. FSK)
Cusp Thurston Moore
It's Time To Party Andrew W.K.
Yü Gung Pussy Galore
OHNE - 07 (TS) Tom Smith / TLASILA / KSV
Laredo Babes In Toyland
Spin Out Pussy Galore
Money Rock'n'Roll The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Shake 'em On Down R.L. Burnside
Sweet Virginia Pussy Galore

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