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...bietet ein Interview bei politik-digital mit Thorsten Hampel von der Universität Wien:

Playlist SkaTime vom 24.11.07

SkaTime Intro SPECIALS-Message to you
DR. WOGGLE & THE RADIO all the time skycap
ANDANDO DESCALZO confundi übersee
BLUES BUSTERS soon you will be gone atlantic
GREEDY BEES painted black 808
GREEDY BEES the things you want 808
DESMOND DEKKER & THE ACES beautiful and dangerous trojan
TOASTERS life in a bubble leech
DELROY WILSON this life makes me wonder trojan
SkaTime Jingle SPECIALS-Message to you
LINVAL THOMPSON dread of the controller trojan
BEAUTIFUL GIRLS bring me your cup die!boredom
MARCIA GRIFFITHS gypsy man trojan
LEE PERRY & THE UPSETTERS black panta trojan

Playlist TimeOut vom 28.11.07: THE UNDERTONES

Intro XTC Reel by real
UNDERTONES dig yourself deep
UNDERTONES teenage kicks
UNDERTONES she can only say no
UNDERTONES here comes the summer
UNDERTONES casbah rock
UNDERTONES billys third
UNDERTONES him not me
UNDERTONES girls dont like it
UNDERTONES you've got my number
UNDERTONES my perfect cousin (live)
UNDERTONES get over you (live)
UNDERTONES tearproof
UNDERTONES under the boardwalk
UNDERTONES hypnotised
UNDERTONES nine times out of ten
UNDERTONES the positive touch
UNDERTONES when saturday comes
UNDERTONES it's going to happen! (live)
UNDERTONES youre welcome

Die ganze Platte: Cadence Weapon - Breaking Kayfabe

In dieser Woche hören wir das Erstlingswerk vom 21jährigen Roland Pemberton a.k.a. Cadence Weapon aus Edmonton, Kanada, welches im September diesen Jahres erschienen ist.

Playlist 11.12.2007, 13-14 Uh

M.I.A. - Paper Planes - XL Recordings

Cadence Weapon - Oliver Square - Big Dada Recordings
Cadence Weapon - Sharks - Big Dada Recordings
Cadence Weapon - Grim Fandango - Big Dada Recordings
Cadence Weapon - Black Hand - Big Dada Recordings
Cadence Weapon - 30 Seconds - Big Dada Recordings
Cadence Weapon - Diamond Cutter - Big Dada Recordings
Cadence Weapon - Holy Smoke - Big Dada Recordings
Cadence Weapon - Fathom - Big Dada Recordings
Cadence Weapon - Turning On Your Sign - Big Dada Recordings
Cadence Weapon - Lisa's Spider - Big Dada Recordings
Cadence Weapon - Vicarious - Big Dada Recordings
Cadence Weapon - Julie Will Jump The Broom - Big Dada Recordings
Cadence Weapon - Welcome To The City Of Champions - Big Dada Recordings

Skepta - I Spy - Boy Better Know
Skepta - In A Corner - Boy Better Know
Shimon & Andy C - Body Rock - RAM Records


Playlist zur "Asi Es The Latin Show" von 2. Dezember 2007

Chupacabras - Fieras - 04 Pachamama
Fabulosos Cadillacs Padre Nuestro
Mala Rodriguez 04 Como El Ruido Del Mar (A Cappella
La Kinky Beat - One More Time - 08 Dejar de pensar La Kinky Beat One more time
Callo Condon, Willie Colon
Adalberto Santiago - Quitate la mascara
Salsa - Hector lavoe y willie colón - el gran varón
Un Kuartito 11 Titel 11 No Pares Non Stop
Vico-C - Emboscada - Abusando
Orishas La Vida Pasa
Orishas Emigrantes
Vico-C - All Star Reggaeton 2004 vol 2 - 12 para mi barrio
Salsa - Cuba - Various Artists - El negro Bembon (Celia Cruz)

Solid Steel-Playlist vom 07.12.2007: DJ Vadim (Oneself) & Bigga Bush

Session vom 11.04.2005

12 bis 13 Uhr: DJ Vadim (Oneself)

13 bis 14 Uhr: Bigga Bush

Playlist unter oder weiter unten. Aus der Ankündigung:

This week (11th to 18th) DJ Vadim graces Solid Steel with his presence and previews exclusive tracks from his new group One Self. The group comprises DJ Vadim, Yarah Bravo and Blu Rum 13 and the style is unique and brand new! Tracks in the mix include 'Be Your Own', 'Temptation' and 'Trying To Speak', all taken from the forthcoming album 'Children Of Possibility'. Also featured is music from Common, Talib Kweli and TY. Hot new music from the broadside! The second hour comes from Bigga Bush aka Lightening Head, Studio Don, ex Rockers Hifi, Sonar Kollektiv and Stereo Deluxe recording artist. As you would expect from the CV it's a rock solid mix featuring music from Moonwalker, Fatbeat Soundsystem, Dirty Diggers, Dubben and many more. The real deal on the wheels of Steel!

Do. 6.12.: Fully Automatic Installation Workshop

Am Do. den 6.12., 19h haben einen Experten für die Fully Automatic Installation eingeladen. Zusammen wollen wir uns anschauen, wie man Rechner automatisiert installieren und verwalten kann.
Das Ziel ist natürlich daß sich die FSK Rechner selber installieren und wir überflüssig werden :)

Interessierte sind herzlich eingeladen !



Solid Steel-Playlist vom 30.11.2007: United States of Audio, DK & PC

Session vom 04.04.2005

12 bis 13 Uhr: United States of Audio

13 bis 14 Uhr: DK, PC

Playlist unter oder weiter unten. Aus der Ankündigung:

This week (4th to 11th) we welcome United States of Audio with his second mix for Solid Steel and once again it's a beauty! Jam packed with choice tunes from the likes of Hexstatic, the Stranglers and Yello it's a pure 'dancing round the living room' first hour. Into the second half and DK steps up with the new Z-Trip single and a second outing for Amerie, but this time with the organ laced Danny Krivit re-edit. New music from former guests Stromba and Nostalgia 77 also feature alongside the "Demo of the Month" winner Jamie Finlay with his track Little Trumpet. Congratulations to you sir! We end the show with an exclusive jam session recorded live in Manchester featuring Cinematic Orchestra players Phil France, Luke Flowers, Patrick Carpenter, Stuart McCallum and Steve Brown. From the right to the left - the broadest beats!

FSK Liveübertragung: An Alle

FSK wird am 29.11.07 um 11.00 Uhr die Pressekonferenz des Soli Bündnisses zur Erörterung des BGH Beschlusses vom 28.11. mit den AnwältInnen der jetzt auf Kaution freikommenden Beschuldigten live aus Berlin übertragen.
Der Beschluß kann eingesehen werden unter Mitteilung der Pressestelle Nr. 181/2007.
Eine sehr aufschlußreiche Quelle findet sich unter...

Solid Steel-Playlist vom 23.11.2007: J Mountain, Infinite Potential & Mr Hopkinson

Session vom 28.03.2005

12 bis 13 Uhr: J Mountain

13 bis 14 Uhr: Infinite Potential, Mr Hopkinson

Playlist unter oder weiter unten. Aus der Ankündigung:

This week (28th to 4th) J Mountain takes to the decks for hour one and it's
all about the musical variation. New hip hop to start from Def Harmonic and
Amerie before a left turn into the mid tempo delights of Jimmy Smith and Etta
James. The second section takes us to the dance floor with music from the
likes of Nathan Fake and 808 State before brand new tracks from Four Tet and
Nobody. Hour two starts with Catskill recording artists, Infinite Potential
who takes us on a musical journey across the Hip Hop radio dial with tracks
from Gangstarr, ODB and the Backyard Heavies. Hip hop hooray! Our second guest is Mr Hopkinson who ends the show with a seasonal spring time mix of music from Geoff Love, Derek Bowskill and Klaus Wunderlich to name just a few. Keeping on keeping the beats broad!

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