Playlist, Doctore Xyramat, 14.8.2015

I decided to change the planned program and to play more music of my special guest Sylvia Necker and to play a special radio program on a topical issue in Hamburg

23:00 – 01:00: Tracks, a soundscape and a radioplay:
Xyramat/Stadtfisch – Die Rote Frauenarmee – – Die Rote Frauenarmee
Sylvia Necker: Eine Klangstadtlandschaft entsteht – Archiv Große Bergstraße –
Sarasara – Heroes –
A special, secret radioplay
Sylvia Necker – Rosmarin -
Olive – Creatures from forest –
Silvia Necker – Soundinstalltion in Peenemünde „Mischlinge“-
Mimi and The Guys – Die Sonne scheint –

01:00 – 12:00 Mixes: Kevi Anavi, Lady Maru, Sandix, Red Pig Flower, La Dance Poetica, A special radio show about a political problem in Hamburg, Niki Matita

You are welcome to listen and please check:, for further informations and websites and

Xyramat – Doctore Xyramat – Die Rote Frauenarmee – Xyramat
and you tube …..

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