Playlist TimeOut This Is Pop No.19 vom 23.03.2011 17-19 Uhr

TimeOut 23.03.11 This Is Pop No.20 FSK 93,0MHz 17-19.00 Uhr
Artist Titel Label
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin
GRAND PARADISO california sun beste! Unterhaltung
BAD CO. PROJECT mission mawhak knock out records
ZICKZACK was ist dein bio-arsch wert dirty faces
CUTE LEPERS damaging acts damaged goods
PEGGY SUGARHILL rockabilly music is bad bear family
NEW YORK DOLLS round and round she goes blast records
GREAT BERTHOLINIS resetera hazelwood
KATTWYK wenn die nacht kattwyk
GENEPOOL feindtbildt rookie records
STATION 17 nachtfalter 17 records
HONEYHEADS akira marsh marigold records
ABRASIVE WHEELS burn 'em down cherry red records
UKRAINIANS emigranty zirka records
EX barricades more d.p.m.
BANDISTA haydi barikata trikont
LES REINES PROCHAINES opfer dieses liedes les reines prochaines
THIS YEAR'S MODEL I swear I was there marsh marigold records
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin
NICHTS chaostheorie electrique mud
GANG OF FOUR paralysed emi
LES REINES PROCHAINES das preisausschreiben les reines prochaines
KATZENJAMMER to the sea nettwerk
KAIZERS ORCHESTRA moment petroleum records
KOVLO qujing on the camper records
DECLINE OF THE REPTILES an army of lovers i-94 bar records
LEMURIA different girls bridge 9 records
MONOCHROME SET the man with the black moustache aufgeladen
J. MASCIS several shades of why sub pop
BELLRAYS living a lie fargo
SEWERGROOVES one of those things sound of subterrania!
HELLSONGS skeletons of society tapete records
44 LENINGRAD einsamkeit amadis

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