Playlist TimeOut - This Is Pop vom 28.09.2016, 17-19.00 Uhr

TimeOut - 28.09.2016 TIP No.57 FSK 93,0MHz 17-19.00 Uhr

Artist Titel Label
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin records
PIXIES head carrier play it again sam
PIXIES all I think about you play it again sam
KLAMMER everything depends upon
the king under dogz records
COMPUTERS bring me the head of a
hipster one little indian
WAKES within these towns dakkar records
DRITTE WAHL wegsehen dritte wahl records
DRITTE WAHL greif ein dritte wahl records
NEW MODEL ARMY vengeance attack
NEW MODEL ARMY born feral attack
CLANG GROUP heaven call another name domino
CLANG GROUP had a nice night domino
WEDDING PRESENT the girl from the ddr stickman records
WEDDING PRESENT don't take me home until
I'm drunk vibrant records
SUZANNE VEGA as you are now cookign vinyl
COAL PORTERS another girl, another planet prima records
PIERRE OMER'S SWING REVUE I lost my smile voodoo rhythm records
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin records
LES FILS DE TEUHPU ma louche teuhpu prod
LES FILS DE TEUHPU briecoleur teuhpu prod
LES FILS DE TEUHPU pharmacie golf teuhpu prod
LES REINES PROCHAINES drehen drehen purzelbaum rec rec music
LES REINES PROCHAINES das kampflied rec rec music
SLITS vindictive (peel session) strange fruit
SLITS typical girl island
VIV ALBERTINE still england cardiz music
VIV ALBERTINE confessions of a milf cardiz music
BIG SEXY NOISE your love don't pay my rent
(live) cherry red records
RUTS D.C. music must destroy westworld recordings
RUTS D.C. kill the pain westworld recordings

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