Difficult Music for Difficult People

5.8. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music: Five new TimTimTonTräger releases!

Today we introduce five new tapes from TimTimTonTräger:

TTTT35: JAVA DELLE – »Hecken Hauen« c20
Noise from, for and against the hedge. Keep clubbing.
TTTT36: KRANKENHAVS - »Tre Retter« c60
We do not want a piece of cake or two. We want three!
For only 200 kroner.

22.7. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music: Opal Tapes Special

Today we are going to play music from Opal Tapes. The DIY label is based in the northeastern UK. The label's music is a mind blowing blend of House, Noise, Techno, Experimental and all kinds of obscure electronic music. Tune in, drop out!


15.7. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music: Attenuation Circuit Special

Today we'll introduce Attenuation Circuit, the Augsburg based DIY label for experimental music. Featuring: If, Bwana (Usa), Esa Ruoho (Finnland), Le Syndicat- MMX (Frankreich), RXoN and label boss Sascha aka Emerga & Dependenz. Tune in, drop out!


June 6th \ Live at FSK: The Experimental Sounding Board (Uk/D)

Nágrannavarsla Concerts presents:

The Experimental Sounding Board (Uk/D)
[ypsmael & Lorah Pierre & Ekca Liena]
Thursday, June 6th 2013
FSK Studios from 8pm
Eimsbüttler Chaussee 21

3.6. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music For Difficult People

Maybe we'll play music from John Halifax, The Homosexuals, Java Delle, Ensemble Skalectrik, Jeri-Jeri, Hacker Farm and many more. Feel free to join our next event at FSK, this Thursday:

Nágrannavarsla Concerts presents:

27.05. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music For Difficult People

"I would sum up my fear about the future in one word: boring. And that's my one fear: that everything has happened; nothing exciting or new or interesting is ever going to happen again ... the future is just going to be a vast, conforming suburb of the soul." (J. G. Ballard)

13.05. / 17-19 Uhr \ Difficult Music – Live: Krankenhavs & Claus Poulsen

There is no black and white, not even grey – das Trio Krankenhavs aus Århus, Hamburg und Kopenhagen ist eine Assoziation für intensive Diagnostik, Therapie und Notfallbehandlung. Ein No-Music-Schockraum. Die erprobte Behandlungs - methode ist Zurückweisung, Störung und Negation jeder Normativität und die Reanimation durch Noise.

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