Radio Gagarin

Radio Gagarin 28.6.19 , 20 Uhr Sea Watch, Gitarrenorchester, Outernational

44,448 Meters Julian Lars Gosper V.A. Sea-Watch
mediterranean migrant cemetery Alessandra Eramo
... Descent into the Maelstrom Philippe Petit
Black Water Red Hüma Utku
Port Brothers Leffe V.A. Sea-Watch
spartacus 2000 Rossburger Report
My Relationship Glen Branca´s The Static
You Got Me Theoretical Girls
morphus crown, 1.satz Rossburger Report
Teen Age Riot Sonic Youth
The Tone Row That Ruled The World Glenn Branca
Guitar Trio Rhys Chatham
trivial world Rossburger Report
1 minim
p a Jörg Piringer
Pause Park Jiha

Radio Gagarin 24.5.19 Playlist (vollständiger als die Sendung)

chtnüschaerndlaTIKTOElaerTAK (A Fonfara Remix) Roland Wendling (BE 30.5. Künstlerhaus Georgswerder)
S+C _ Miles AK Klosowski (BE 6.6 Künstlerhaus Faktor)
Cuck Rock Wiese, Nicolas (BE 11.6. The Pond Kunstraum Oberfett)
Das_Süffelfläschchen_Des_Kleinen_Fritz Ditterich_Von_Euler-Donnersperg (BE 11.6. Kunstraum Oberfett)
Song for Maya Deren Jos Smolders (BE 14.6. Hörbar)
zu lande zu wasser und in der luft Ansgar Wilken (BE 15.6. Stubnitz E/U Fest)
O.T. Limpe-Fuchs-Elmar Guantes-Jacques Foschia (Limpe Fuchs und Oud BE 15.6. Hörbar)

Radio Gagarin 22.2.19

syntax „arc“
IQ+1 „house“
orfeon gagarin „gulag“, „ulan motor“
felix kubin „topia“
martina lussi „higher energy“
saba ali sade „scattered drops“
head and leg „in your dreams“

Radio Gagarin 22.2.19 Playlist

syntax „arc“
IQ+1 „house“
orfeon gagarin „gulag“, „ulan motor“
felix kubin „topia“
martina lussi „higher energy“
saba ali sade „scattered drops“
head and leg „in your dreams“

Radio Gagarin, 24.8.18, 20 Uhr Große Erzählungen kommen vor.

Sign-On, Negativland.
Making This Now, Narrow Bridges.
Emma Goldman 1869-1940, AGF.
The Revolution Will Have Been Youtubed #2, Nicolas Wiese.
Slavoj Zizek, what signs were there of the imminent dissolution of Yugoslavia? Jan Jelinek.
Cırcuıtous, Seda Mimaroğlu.
Ernst Jandl, what are your plans for language: revolution, reform, revolt? Jan Jelinek.
Right Might, Negativland.
Place Tahrir, Daunik Lazro + Dominique Répécaud + Kristoff K.Roll + Géraldine Keller.
Taxi Ride Through Tehran, Saint Abdullah.
Afqid Adh-Dhakira (I Lose Memory),Nadah El Shazly.

Playlist Radio Gagarin 27.1.17, 20 - 22 Uhr

splitter orchester "diagramm"
felix kubin "lückenschere"
gerome nox "on the road"
the same "my true i"
dieter moebius "schicht"
gudrun gut - beate bartel - myra davis "doya", "get down, boy", "up girl angry"
dogs "missing on the subway"
electronic ensemble "it happened then"
keiji haino "snow is frequent, through light, in winter", "tonight"
the flying lizards "tv"
bruce gilbert + graham lewis "ends with the sea"
hexa "vertical horizons"
ralf dönert + peter wilbert "zimmerpflanzen im endstadium"
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Radio Gagarin Konzert am 27.06 im FSK

Ort: Fsk,Fabrique im Gängeviertel, Valentinskamp 34a (Zugang Speckstr.), 2. Stock

Wann: 27.06.2016, 20.00 uhr einlaß


Joshua better exemplifies the original free-folk impulse than any of his more celebrated contemporaries. And while he may not be doing four page fashion spreads in 'underground' style bibles, he remains one of *the* keepers of the flame"- David Keenan Wire Magazine/Volcanic Tongue

Radio Gagarin Playlist 22.1.16

Hier die Playlist vom Freitag, dem 22.1.16:
1. Stunde
1. warszawa, art decade, neuköln, v2 schneider by
david bowie
2. Heroes Remix bowie, glass, aphex twin
3. spore by brutum fulmen
4. abnormal restriction by jlin
5. she would die for love by Julee cruise
2. stunde
1. she would die for love by Julee cruise
2. a single man of war bymatana roberts
3. broom by joshua abrams
4. have you in my wilderness by julia holter
5. the return by heather leigh
6. ruit valley by conjoint
7. DAO by holly herndon
8. interlude by kendrick lamar

Radio Gagarin Playlist vom 08.01.2016

Radio Gagarin Playlist Vom 08.0116

1. Mao Dynasty – Run – Hand Idiom Recordings
2. Troum & Yen Pox – 1. Track – Transgredient Records
3. Tiger Hatchery With Paul Flaherty – Morning Light – Ergot Records
4. Slobber Pup – Incendiary Axe – Rare Noise Recordings
5. Volcano The Bear – The Folowing Him – Miasmah
6. Sunn O))) – Kannon 2 – Southern Lord
7. Correction House – Crossing My One Good Finger
8. Pseudo Code – Monarch In My Kingdom – EE Tapes
9. V.A. - Nouakchott Wedding Songs – Sahel Sounds
10. Shifts – 1. Track, Fade (In) – Eigen

Radio Gagarin Nachtschleife (25.12.15) Playlist

Gagarin Jingle
Gazelle Twin - "Still Life"
Grouper - "Clearing"
Jenny Hval & Susanna - "I Have Walked This Body"
Aphex Twin - "Jynweythek"
Actress - "Pharoah Moon Rising"
Tito Ceccherini & Ensemble Risognanze - "Vortex Temporum“
Sbtrkt - "Voices In My Head (Feat. A$ap Ferg)"
Vijay Iyer & Mike Ladd - "Requiem for an Insomniac
Gagarin Jingle
Joni Mitchell „The Jungle Line“
Fuck Buttons „Ribs Out“
Wolf Eyes „Choking Flies“
Radian „Git Cut Noise“
Villalobos/Lodenbauer „Retimeless“
Venetian Snares „Ever Apparent All Being Shoulder“

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