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AUSFLUG 020522 Anmerkungen zur Eskalation, Falklands, Konzerte (Kampnagel, Molotow, Rote Flora, Hafenklang, Stubnitz)

War Pigs Black Sabbath
Tantrum Kreidler (Kampnagel)
Boots Kreidler
Egal PAF (Rote Flora)
Room At The Top Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Molotow)
This Is a Sight We Had One Day from the High Mountain Maserati (Hafenklang)
The Incomplete Lost in Kiev (Hafenklang)
Schland is the place for me Fehler Kuti (Kampnagel)
Loom Hildegard von Binge Drinking (Hafenklang)
„Schiffe versenken“ Olaf L. Müller, FAZ, 27.4.22
Kalun Farhot (Kampnagel)
A Place To Go Embryo (MS Stubnitz)
A Man Needs a Maid Tindersticks (Laeiszhalle)
Hell Is War Discharge

AUSFLUG 25.4.22 Konzerte, Konzerte, Konzerte

How did this Happen?! BODEGA (Molotow)
Statue Auf Dem Stehtisch Statuette On The Console (German) BODEGA
Ordnung und Disziplin (Heiner Müller) Laibach/Quickert (Kampnagel)
Seife in Bayreuth - Live Laibach/Quickert
Alle Gegen Alle Laibach
Jetzt bleib ich alt Human Abfall (Hafenklang)
Nighthawk of Time (feat. Black Quantum Futurism) Moor Mother (Kampnagel cancelled)
Black Bodies Neue Grafik Ensemble
Chain Gang Quantum Blues Moor Mother
Vultures Laughing Moor Mother | Nicole Mitchell

AUSFLUG 180422 Konzerttipps

Unsmart Lady Dry Cleaning (Molotow)
Sit Down Meal Dry Cleaning
The Fucking Silence - Or: How Hates The Heat Shai Hulud (Hafenklang)
Just Can't Hate Enough (Sheer Terror) Shai Hulud
I'm Not Getting Excited The Beths (Molotow)
Angels and Abysses Duma (MS Stubnitz)
Pembe 666 Duma
Kubali MC Yallah x Debmaster (MS Stubnitz)
TT12 MC Yallah x Debmaster
Waves of Fear Gnod (cancelled)
F The World Dorian Electra (MS Stubnitz)
Try the Circle! Los Bitchos (Molotow)
White Sands Tommy Guerrero (Molotow)
First Take NYOS Celebration (Hafenklang)

AUSFLUG 110422 Der Feind, Konzerte in Molotow, Hafenklang, Gängeviertel, Rote Flora, eine kenianische Stimme

My Little Brother Art Brut (Molotow)
Formed a Band Art Brut
Kohta sataa KARKAISU (Rote Flora)
Spirale Kotzschmerztablette (Gängeviertel)
Bismarck Kopf Ab Loser Youth (Rote Flora)
Alone Last Days of April (Hafenklang)
everybody dies come watch TV das bisschen Totschlag (Hafenklang)
Tala Tannam Mdou Moctar (Molotow)
Intimate Enemy (Exc.) Sarathy Korwar | Upaj Collective
This Is the Enemy Bourbonese Qualk
Enemy Inside Taibach
Martin Kimani, UN Botschafter Kenias vor dem Sicherheitsrat

AUSFLUG 040422 Soldaten, Stubnitz, Hafenklang, Molotow

This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us Sparks
Muse feife inne Wind (Blowin' In the Wind) Wiglaf Droste & Funny van Dannen
Soldat, Soldat (Live) Wolf Biermann
Hormone Tommy Toothpick (Stubnitz)
Der Aldi am Ende des Universums Tommy Toothpick
Ploppy Phone Achim Zepezauer (Stubnitz)
Oxy Music Alex Cameron (Molotow)
I Got A Right To Sing The Blues Kinderzimmer Productions (Hafenklang)
First Time Lucy Dacus (Molotow)
Blindfolded Keeley Forsyth
Pretty People Low
The Soldier PJ Harvey & John Parish
Le déserteur Boris Vian
Soldat 5'Nizza Russen Soul

AUSFLUG 280322 Spiel vom Helden

Kids will be skeletons Mogwai
A Moon Without A Planet Halma (Hafenklang)
Museum der Angst Point No Point (Hafenklang)
Peace Mountains of Peace Lungfish
Birds of Paradise Jaimie Branch (Elbphilharmonie)
Theme Nothing Jaimie Branch
Dazwischen Lesung: Abbas Khider – Spiel vom Helden, FAZ 26.3.22 (Exc.)
Le déserteur Boris Vian
Peace Has Vanished Tanzania Albinism Collective
Gewalt (live Radio Hilversum) Mastino
Said Min A'sawad El Khat
Peace Waer Schoen Acid Pauli


AUSFLUG 210322 Jemen, Ukraine, Konzerte u.a.

Yemen Blues (Live) Yemen Blues Live in Tel Aviv
Wa Seed Ana Lak Min Al Khodan The Three Kawkabani Brothers Music From Yemen Arabia Chytry Tanecne Cardasy Orchestra Bratia "Holutiaky-Kuziany" Ukrainian Village Music Die größte Kraft Laibach
Schau Schauspielern zu Bernd Begemann
Piano Ghost Heinali Zikro - Advanced Music From Ukraine
Something Real Current Joys (Molotow)
How To Find The Exit In Case Of Fire Pose Dia (Kampnagel)
Phrase Paraphrase Pose Dia
Not the Way Joan as Police Woman (Elbphil)
I Sit and Watch the Worm Beneath My Nail TRAITRS (Hafenklang)

AUSFLUG 7.3.22 International Women´s Day, Krieg, Konzerte Musikhalle, Hafenklang ...

Mother of God, Putin Run! Pussy Riot
Eve of Destruction Pussy Riot
If I Were with Her Now Spiritualized (Musikhalle)
Nice of You to Be There for Me A Place to Bury Strangers (Hafenklang)
Glibi Bab L' Bluz
Blowin' In The Wind (Dylan) Fatoumata Diawara
Putin Lights Up The Fires Pussy Riot
Putin Will Teach You How To Love The Motherland Pussy Riot
arms Claire Rousay | More Eaze
After The Ceasefire Marianne Faithfull
Kaldet Crush String Collective
Without Words (The Pond) Laura Mello
Morgen geht die Bombe hoch Der Tobi & Das Bo

AUSFLUG 280222 Krieg und trotzdem Konzerte?

This is Not a Dream The Telescopes (Hafenklang)
Masters Of War (Carnegie Hall 10-26-63) Bob Dylan
A Mercy Of Peace Valentin Silvestrov
Give Peace a Chance Bill Frisell
poems_about_the_unknown_soldier oxxxymiron
Violence The Telescopes (Hafenklang)
Bo Diddley Is A Lover The Liverbirds (Sounds of Hamburg, Knust)
Globus A.R. & Machines
Befragung eines Kriegsdienstverweigerers Franz Josef Degenhardt
Der Geier fliegt vorbei Tomorrow's Gift
Contact John Zorn
Chaos And Eternal Light John Zorn
Thought I Was a Spaceman Blur (Damon Albarn, Elbphil.)

AUSFLUG 140222 Spotify Boykott, Veranstaltungen gegen Antisemitismus, Konzert

Alabama Neil Young
Cortez The KillerCarrie Rodriguez with Tim Easton
The Jungle Line Joni Mitchell
Court And Spark Joni Mitchell
Helpless Neil Young
In the Name of the Holocaust: II John Cage
Constellation of Sand David Grubbs & Taku Unami
Apotropaic Kid Millions & Jan St. Werner
Dimensional People Part II Mouse on Mars
Decent Skin Bastro
Sun God Squirrel Bait
Family Feud Von Südenfed
Manifesto in Clear Language David Grubbs

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