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Playlist - Doctore Xyramat - 10.7.2020

Maat – Krypt
David Coultier, Julia Kent & Seb Rochford – 01
Jana Irmert – Everything Minus All
Brigitte Lyregard & Jorgen Teller – Gastro Lieder #3
Saito – Unexploded Ordnance
Field Works – Marion
Saito – Confession of Mask
Floating Di Morel – Nbi Cassy
Anna Stereopoulou – The Last Waltz
Cucina Povera & ELS – 1427‘ C
Rosaceae – Im Dunkeln
Ytamo – Grashopper
Berrangere Maxinin – Walking Barefoot, Imaginary Qintett

The Female Pressure Radio Show, 10.5.2013 ab 23:00

Hi Ladies,
this Friday, 10th, you can listen to the next "The Female Pressure Radio Show" at FSK/Hamburg. Live Stream: www.fsk-hh.org

This night I will play only mixes: Andrea Parker, Mars Leder, Michelle Owen, Miss Sunshine, Wild Kat, Ayana, Jazzmina, Holly Herndon, Miss Shelrawka and Hidhawk.

It will start this Fridaynight at 23:00 and end Saturday 11th at 12:00.

Please enjoy, you are welcome.

Please Check: facebook.com/femalepressure, soundcloud.com/groups/female-pressure, femalepressure.net


www.fsk-hh.org - The Female Pressure Radio Show

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