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Playlist, Doctore Xyramat - 12.2.2016

Tracks - 23:00 - 01:00
Keda: Dali, parenthesesrecords.bandcamp.com/album/hwal
David Bowie: Blackstar
Fake Mistress: My Body s a Weapon, fakemistress.bandcamp.com
Maja Osojnik: You might be inherently a part of the problem,mo.klingt.org
Jean Reiki: We have Experiments,soundcloud.com/jeanreiki
Owl Rave: Fright Car,interstellarrecords.at owlrave.bandcamp.com
Ipek: Tamara - Ibrahim Keivo & Osnabrucker Jugendchor Erbil-North Kurdistan Iraq, soundcloud.com/search/sounds?q=Erbil%2C Ipek
Jean Reiki: Swich In and Out, soundcloud.com/jeanreiki

Playlist, Doctore Xyramat, 8.1.2016

The first two hours: Circe: The Black Cut:Project
3bc & Asymmetroie Faroi, Bhramani Devi, sevenmoons.bandcamp.com/album/vox-ref-025
Joe Beedles, Buzarre, sevenmoons.bandcamp.com/album/vox-ref-025
Heidi Mortenson, Andrea's Bees, sevenmoons.bandcamp.com/album/vox-ref-025
Dixie Treichel, Dreaming within, sevenmoons.bandcamp.com/album/vox-ref-025
Sirpa Jokinen, Rosemary's Women, sevenmoons.bandcamp.com/album/vox-ref-025
Inga van den Kronenberg, Colonial Hangover/coming to a boil, sevenmoons.bandcamp.com/album/vox-ref-025

Playlist, Doctore Xyramat, 14.8.2015

I decided to change the planned program and to play more music of my special guest Sylvia Necker and to play a special radio program on a topical issue in Hamburg

23:00 – 01:00: Tracks, a soundscape and a radioplay:
Xyramat/Stadtfisch – Die Rote Frauenarmee – xyramat.bandcamp.com – Die Rote Frauenarmee
Sylvia Necker: Eine Klangstadtlandschaft entsteht – Archiv Große Bergstraße – sylvianecker.com
Sarasara – Heroes – soundcloud.com/sarasara_music/heroes
A special, secret radioplay
Sylvia Necker – Rosmarin - sylvianecker.com

Playlist - Doctore Xyramat - 10.10.2014

Final playlist of:
Doctore Xyramat – 10-10-2014 – 23:00 – 12:00 (German Time) at FSK/Hamburg www.fsk-hh.org

Xyramat/Stadtfisch - Die Rote Frauenarmee - xyramat.bandcamp.com
Gazelle Twin - Unflesh - gazelletwin.com
Irradiation - Wave Function - temp-records.net
Gazelle Twin - Exorcise - gazelletwin.com
Inga Copeland - I'm your ambient wive - hyperdub.net
Laurel Halo – Melt - hyperdub.net
Olivia Louvel - Polytypes of Love - olivialouvel.com
Signal Deluxe - El Inventor - soundcloud.com/signaldeluxe

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