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Playlist TimeOut - Happy Birthday Charlie 25.05.2016 17-19 Uhr

TimeOut - 25.05.2016 Happy Birthday Charlie FSK 93,0MHz 17-19.00 Uhr

Artist Titel Label
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin records
ALTERED IMAGES happy birthday cbs records
UK SUBS oligarchy pledge music
BOLLOCK BROTHERS woke up this morning,
find myself dead (live) mbc records
AERONAUTEN ottos kleine hardcore band rookie records
BUBONIX horizontale stagnation ox
KAMIKAZE QUEENS 3 strikes sound of subterrania!
RUMBLE ON THE BEACH rock crazy baby (live) bear family
JACKETS keep yourself alive voodoo rythm records
TY SEAGALL it's over drag city

Playlist TimeOut Musikschleife No.52 07.05.2016 00:06-12:00 Uhr

TimeOut Musikschleife No.52 08.05.2016 00:06-11:00 Uhr

Artist titel label
P.I.L. socialist virgin
HAVALINAS inexperienced elektra
SCHRENG SCHRENG & LA LA ekel und abscheu rookie records
DOCTOR & THE MEDICTS spirit in the sky i.r.s. records
P.I.L. don't ask me virgin
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS fight like a brave emi
MANO NEGRA king kong five virgin
24-7 SPYZ grandma dynamite london metal
FUGAZI waiting room dischord
PIXIES where is my mind? 4ad
SONIC YOUTH kool thing geffen records

Playlist TimeOut - 27.04.2016 TIP No.54 17-19 Uhr

TimeOut - 27.04.2016 TIP No.54 FSK 93,0MHz 17-19.00 Uhr

Artist Titel Label
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin records
FLAMIN' GROOVIES shake some action future noise music
FLAMIN' GROOVIES teenage head future noise music
MONSTERS rock around the tombstone voodoo rhythm records
RAZORBLADES I can smell the summer rookie records
BABOON SHOW queen of the dagger kidnap music
BABOON SHOW class war kidnap music
FLUTEN spuren flight 13/miyagi records
SICK OF IT ALL we stand alone in effect inc
ILLEGALE FARBEN 15 minuten rookie records

Playlist TimeOut - 23.03.2016 TIP No.53 17:00 - 19:00

TimeOut - 23.03.2016 TIP No.53 FSK 93,0MHz 17-19.00 Uhr

Artist Titel Label
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin records
MERGERS shop window dummy soundflat
MERGERS little barney soundflat
VIOLENT FEMMES I could be anything pias recordings
STEVE WAITT jump the gun make my day records
STEVE WAITT a ghost you let in make my day records
ANNA TERNHEIM caroline universal
ANNA TERNHEIM lonely one universal
FORMERS smalltown boy ambulance recordings
RHYTHM JUNKS why would I worry popup-records
RHYTHM JUNKS headphone city popup-records
PLAGUE VENDOR anchor to ankles epitaph

Playlist TimeOut Musikschleife No.51 05.03.2016 00:06-11:00 Uhr

TimeOut Musikschleife No.51 05.03.2016 00:06-11:00 Uhr

Artist titel label
STARFIRES it must be the wine bear family
VICKI YOUNG riot in cell block number 9 bear family
PEGGY SUGARHILL lucille bear family
ROY HALL three alley cats bear family
JOHNNY BURNETTE sweet love on my mind bear family
WARNER MACK ubangi stomp bear family
TOMMY CASTLE wanderlust fantastic voyage
JACK SCOTT the way I walk stctu
CRAMPS human fly zonophone
FATBOY bear moon bear family
WALTER BROWN & HIS BAND jelly roll rock stctu
OUT OF LUCK walking down 10th street wolverine records

Playlist TimeOut - This Is Pop No.52 24.02.2016 17:00-19:00

TimeOut - 24.02.2016 TIP No.52 FSK 93,0MHz 17-19.00 Uhr

Artist Titel Label
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin records
SILVI UND DIE AWAC'S da kommt ralfi schallmauer
SILVI UND DIE AWAC'S paranoid schallmauer
PLASTIC BERTRAND cą plane pour moi hansa
X-RAY SPEX art-i-ficial emi
JOHNNY MOPED ain't no rock'n'roll rookie damaged goods
JOHNNY MOPED simon can't damaged goods
GENERATORS heartbreak beach randale records
GENERATORS my days are numbered randale records
SPIDERGAWD no man's land crispin glover records
BITERS 1975 earache
COME'N GO we go on voodoo rhythm records

Playlist TimeOut Musikschleife No.50 02.01.2016 06:00-11:00 Uhr

Playlist TimeOut Musikschleife No.50 02.01.2016 06:00-11:00 Uhr
Artist titel label
DIE LIGA DER GEWÖHNLICHEN GENTLEMEN ich bin gut genug für dich tapete records
SEDLMEIER aus gutem hause rookie records
AERONAUTEN otts kleine hardcoreband rookie records
ARIEL SHARRATT & MATHIAS KOM fuck the government I love you bb island
ANNA ROIG garde de metz satélite k
MÄKKELA air catalan 9pm records
KATZENJAMMER hurricane vertigo
FRANK TURNER the opnening act of spring xtra mile recordings
KATZENJAMMER my own tune vertigo
ALEX GAVAGHAN I've been walking freaksville music

Playlist TimeOut - This Is Pop No.51 27.01.2016 17:00-19:00

TimeOut - TIP No.51 27.01.2016 FSK 93,0MHz 17-19.00 Uhr

Artist Titel Label
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin records
UK SUBS suicidal girl captain oi
BLACK TUSK desolation in endless times relapse records
STEAKNIFE one eyed bomb rookie records
KRANK halbmast this charming man
KRANK kampf gegen windmühlen this charming man
VIBRATORS stiff little fingers captain oi
CHANNEL RATS vertane zeit knübbe platten
CARDIACS to go off and things alphabet business concern
FEHLFARBEN paul ist tod emi
FEHLFARBEN das komitee tapete records

Playlist TimeOut - This is Pop No.50 25.11.2015 17:00 - 19:00 Uhr

TimeOut - TIP No.50 25.11.2015 FSK 93,0MHz 17-19.00 Uhr

Artist Titel Label
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin records
GIUDA mama got the blues burning heart records
SONGHOY BLUES soubour transgressive/pias
ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS welcome to the new dark ages fire records
ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS sonic reducer burning heart records
KILLING JOKE war on freedom spinefarm records
KILLING JOKE I am the virus spinefarm records
PIGS wrap it up solare flare
BRISTLES hail hail chauvinism heptown records
BRISTLES men's global war on woman

Playlist TimeOut Musikschleife No. 49 07.11.2015 06:00-12:00 Uhr

TimeOut Musikschleife No.49 07.11.2015 06:00-12:00 Uhr

Artist titel label
SCARS your attention please pre records ltd
ADAM & THE ANTS antmusic cbs records
VAPORS turning japanese united artists
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES christine polydor
CHEFS 24 hours damaged goods
BUSH TETRAS too many creeps 99 records
MOTORS cold love virgin records
CURE juming someone else's train friction records
XTC when you're near me I have difficulty virgin records
EDGE edge theme hurricane records
JAM that's entertainment (demoversion) metronome
J.C. MAINMEN earbending fresh records

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