Playlist vom 05.09.2020 06:00-09:00 Uhr TimeOut Musikschleife Nr. 77

TimeOut Musikschleife No.77 - 05.09.2020 06:00-09:30 Uhr

Artist Titel Label
UK SUBS endangered species nems
SHAM 69 run wild run free sanctuary records
COCKNEY REJECTS police car captain oi
BUSINESS do they owe us a living? taang! Records
ENGLISH DOGS the fall of max clay records
ANGELIC UPSTARTS woman in disguise cherry red records
EJECTED have you got 10p? riot city
ACTION PACT! london bouncers captain oi
PARTISANS police story let them eat vinyl
PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES wimpeez captain oi
SAMPLES dead hero let them eat vinyl
ANTI PASTI another dead soldier anagram records
VICE SQUAD last rockers westworld recordings
VARUKERS united we stand captain oi
EXPELLED government policy cherry red records
RUBELLA BALLET belfast dark entries
ONE WAY SYSTEM give us a future cherry red records
G.B.H. no survivors clay records
SPECIAL DUTIES police state cherry red records
BLITZ warriors captain oi
VIOLATORS die with dignity cherry red records
CHARGE destroy the youth line records
ADICTS joker in the pack captain oi
WALL ghetto fresh records
P.I.L. relegion virgin records
STRANGLERS nuclear device parlophone
BLONDIE 11:59 emi
XTC real by reel virgin records
GOLD BLADE strictly hardcore ultimate

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