Playlist TimeOut – 26.01.2022 TimeOut - This is Pop No. 106

TimeOut – 26.01.2022 TimeOut This is Pop No. 106 FSK 93,0MHz 17-19.00 Uhr

Artist Titel Label
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin records
SILVERBACKS archive material full time hobby
SILVERBACKS different kind of holiday full time hobby
SILVERBACKS wear my medals full time hobby
KALTFRONT was glaubst du? rundling
KALTFRONT zurück in dein grab rundling
YOU SAID STRANGE run away exag' records / le cepe records
DABBLE INSHORE korrektoren bandcamp/dabble inshore
NOT A CITIZEN broke again some other planet records
MULE JENNY cross the line figures libres/grabuge/araki
PESS you can make hamburger yourself aagoo records
BORIS the fallen sacred bones
BORIS invitation sacred bones
NASH ALBERT kill the fear mig
NASH ALBERT lost in jerusalem mig
NASH ALBERT autum rain mig
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin records
NASH ALBERT betting on my fate mig
DIVANHANA peno cpl music
DIVANHANA 'opa 'opa cpl music
DOBRANOTCH seni severim feat. Marina Suloeva cpl music
DOBRANOTCH in droysen geyt a regn / strannik cpl music
DANIEL KAHN rakhmones afn imigrant (I pity the poor imigrant) oriente musik
HAYSEED DIXIE tainted love hayseed dixie records
HAYSEED DIXIE highway to hell (live) cooking vinyl
HELLSONGS run to the hills lovely records
ANAïS MITCHELL bright star bmg
ANAïS MITCHELL backroads bmg
HELLSONGS paranoid lovely records

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