Playlist TimeOut Musikschleife Achtziger Jahre Noise vom 04.10.08

Playlist TimeOut Musikschleife Achtziger Jahre Noise 04.10.08 0.00 bis 08.00 Uhr
artist titel label
RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY walking on your hand red rhino records
SAVAGE REPUBLIC so it is written fundamental records
NEUES DEUTSCHLAND liebe kennt keine grenzen iron curtain records
P.I.L. flowers of romance virgin
XTC TimeOut-Jingle reel by real virgin
KRAFTWERK computerwelt emi
BIG BLACK the model blast first
SCRATCH ACID cannibal fundamental records
FAD GADGET collapsing new people (berlin mix) mute
SONIC YOUTH with LYDIA LUNCH death valley '69 homestead records
CRAMPS can't find my mind i.r.s. Records
HEAD OF DAVID white bastard blast first
CARDIACS r.e.s. aiphabet business concern
SHOCKABILLY hard day's night shimmy disc
EUGENE CHADBOURNE honey don't fundamental records
BIRTHDAY PARTY just you and me 4ad
XTC-TimeOut-Jingle FSK-FöMi-Text
DIAGRAM BROTHERS I'm not going to fight for oil new hormones
GANG OF FOUR paralysed emi
FLIPPER life (live) subterranean records
KILLING JOKE wardance (live) eg records
ABWÄRTS roboter in der nacht zickzack
BAND OF SUSANS hope against hope blast first

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