Playlist TimeOut Musikschleife No.73 vom 05.01.2020 06:00-09:00 Uhr

TimeOut Musikschleife No.73 - 05.01.2020 06:00-09:00 Uhr

Artist Titel Label
PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES blown out again captain oi
PARTISANS 17 years of hell anagram records
EXPELLED government policy cherry red records
ANTI-PASTI six guns anagram records
BLITZ warriors captain oi
ABRASIVE WHEELS burn 'em down cherry red records
INFA-RIOT emergency captain oi
ANGELIC UPSTARTS police oppression captain oi
UK SUBS new york state police cleopatra records
ONE WAY SYSTEM gutter boy captain oi
DISCHARGE state violence state control captain oi
PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES banned from the pubs let them eat vinyl
VIOLATORS summer of 81 let them eat vinyl
VICE SQUAD last rockers west world recordings
G.B.H. diplomatic immunity clay records
DISCHARGE free speech for the dump clay records
MAU MAUS facts of war pax ecords
CHELSEA evacuate let them eat vinyl
WALL ghetto fresh records
STRAPS brixton captain oi
OUTCASTS self conscious over you captain oi
J.C.'s MAINMEN ear bending fresh records
SHAM 69 run wild run free castle music
BUSINESS harry may taang! records
CHRON GEN jet boy jet girl get back
ACTION PACT! all purpose action footwear captain oi
DEMOB no room for you pax ecords

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