Playlist TimeOut Musikschleife No.81 vom 04.09.2021 06:00-09:00 Uhr

TimeOut Musikschleife No.81 04.09.2021 06:00-09:00 Uhr
Artist titel label
BASTARDS tomorrow hoehnie records
SHAM 69 what have we got? (peel session) strange fruit
WANDERERS take them and break them polydor
LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH open your eyes i.r.s. records
CULT rain virgin
BIG BLACK the power of indepent trucking blast first
LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH murder style i.r.s. records
LIVING IN TEXAS indifference cent pour cent
ALIEN SEX FIEND I'm not mad elektra
SONIC YOUTH rowche rumble (peel session) not on label
AU PAIRS we're so cool human records
AUSGANG A-GO-GO batos loco ausgang
THREE JOHNS atom drum bop line records
SCARS yout attention please pre records
ATHLETICO SPIZZ 80 clocks are big a&m
SECTION 25 be brave factory records
SISTERS OF MERCY floorshow merciful release
P.I.L. the order of death virgin
GANG OF FOUR in the ditch emi
NEWTOWN NEUROTICS kick out the tories abstract records
LOE JACKSON sunday papers (live) spektrum music
PVC can't escape rca

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