Playlist TimeOut This Is Pop No. 85 vom 27.11.2019 17-19.00 Uhr

TimeOut – 27.11.2019 This Is Pop No. 85 FSK 93,0MHz 17-19.00 Uhr

Artist Titel Label
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin records
ADRIAN RASO the gipysbilly king asphalt tango records
LITTLE TEETH sixteen candles gunner records
STACY CROWNE white lies savage magic records
BITCH QUEENS negative heaven luxnoise
GLOO let me have some hassle records
LONE WOLF tearing me apart stardump records
NO SUGAR pizza girl sabotage records
FRUSTRATION when does a banknote start to burn? born bad records
GRADE 2 reality is calling hellcat records
HIPPIE TRIM supersonic redfield records
MESSED UP empty inside audiolith
MESSED UP this is my world audoilith
DIE BULLEN hamburger verhältnisse gunner records
DIE BULLEN undercover gunner records
DIE NERVEN dreck glitterbeat records
COLD IN BERLIN frantic new heavy sounds
RONIN scherzo black candy records
DIE LIGA DER GEWÖHNLICHEN GENTLEMEN hässlich und faul, musik und der hsv tapete records
XTC TimeOut Intro reel by real virgin records
PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES crap california punk band arising empire records
PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES the jinx captain oi
BOOZE & GLORY I'm still standing scarlet teddy records
DRITTE WAHL ich bin's dritte wahl recordsCUTTHROAT BROTHERS medicine hound gawd records
JOSY & PONY la crinière rockerill/freaksville records
LOVATARAXX araknee unknowns pleasures records
ILGEN-NUR easy way out power nap records
ILGEN-NUR nothing surprises me power nap records
ANNA TERNHEIM remember this sony bmg
THE TOTEN CRACKHUREN IM KOFFERRAUM crackhurensöhne destiny records
PAOLO SPACCAMONTI nessun codardo tranne voi escape from today
MAFFAI tunnelblick kidnap muisc
MOKROÏÉ put your hands in the dirt mokroïé
MICAH GAUGH dreamcatcher 10mm omega recordings
ADRIAN RASO one last time asphalt tango records
Lösung Gewinnspiel: I'm still standing - Elton John

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