die ganze platte: Brett Naucke - EMS Hallucinations / American Dreams Records (06.10.2020, 13-14 uhr)

Heute: Brett Nauke + einige tracks von Genetic Transmission "Lullabies", 2020 erschien bei Zoharum

Brett Nauke war im EMS Studio in Stockholm und hat eine wunderbare platte mit modularsynths aufgenommen. Das EMS Stockholm ist das elektronische musik studio in Stockholm, das auch nicht-akademischen musiker*innen offen steht und stolz auf ihrer sammlung von modularsynths sind.
Das label schreibt: "Naucke traveled to EMS with the express purpose of creating an album in the spirit of 70s academic synthesizer music, but knew he was going to build it out of exploration. When he thought about EMS residencies, he didn’t think of albums recorded entirely there, and for his tenure, he wanted to flip the script. For EMS Hallucinations, Naucke recorded several hours of audio using EMS’ Buchla 200 and their Serge Modular system. The result is a meditative, immersive collection imbued with the pioneering ethos of artists like Pauline Oliveros, Ruth White, Morton Subotnick, and others, but draws from a more contemporary palette - dance music, especially.

Naucke’s previous output have been personal, narrative works - his album Seed was the result of daily ritual DMT ingestion and his album The Mansion considered a childhood home. On EMS Hallucinations, the intimate is the music, its instrumentation, the journey it took to get there. For over a decade, Naucke has studied and worked with electronics - often beta-testing firmware for Eurorack companies like Make Noise - but EMS Hallucinations marks a conscientious channeling of his history therein.

EMS Hallucinations was crafted as two magnetic side-long compositions that gurgle, hiss, bounce, and invite - the first consists of Buchla 200 recordings, and the second the Buchla in conjunction with the Serge Modular. Following Naucke’s tracking, he painstakingly arranged stems in his home studio across seven months. Within the side-long tracks are shorter songs that transform into each other. For album teasers, Naucke edited two sections from side one into singles - kinetic electronic nuggets that suggest trance, house, and other forms of floor-ready music, while showcasing cascading synth lines and rich analog tones."
Kontakt: thomas [at] fsk-hh [dot] org

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