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die ganze platte: Dieuf - Dieul De Thiés/Buda Musique (di, 11.06.24, 13-14 uhr)

Afrikanische musik aus dem senigal, flott und temporeich.

archive & augenzeugen: nimh - before and after silence/zoharum (Di, 04.06.24, 13-14 uhr)

Das label schreibt: "Recently, Giuseppe Verticchio has devoted a lot of work to organizing and systematizing a rather extensive archive, containing both projects that were practically completed but never published, as well as sketches and abandoned fragments or registered ideas that, for various reasons, were not continued even though some some of them even date back to the late 1980s. Following these activities, the recordings are saved in a digital version.

die ganze platte: (else​)​where by Seth Nehil/Bruno Duplant/aufabwegen

Die crainoclast lp kann aus technischen gründen leider nicht gespielt werden, dafür (else​)​where by Seth Nehil/Bruno Duplant, ebenfalls bei aufabwegen erschien. Es erwartet euch fieldrecordings und piano von beiden.

die ganze platte: rsn - indistincion/attenuation circuit (di, 28.05.24, 13-14 uhr)

A new addition to the attenuation circuit roster, rsn is a sound-aesthetic project in the field of tension between drone and ambient, which explores surfaces and depths in space. The music resembles handmade sound sculptures that build, shift and dissolve in the moment. It is the solo project of Thomas Rosen, operator of the boutique tape label momentarily records. He has been performing live with his band [ B O L T ] since 2011.

die ganze platte: Bertrand Gauguet - Encerclements/In Girum (di, 21.05.24, 13-14 uhr)

Experimentelle elektonik, glitch und feldaufnahmen, von diesen französischen musiker.

die ganze platte: Rapoon - Time Frost/Zoharum (di, 07.05.24, 13-14 uhr)

Das label schreibt: ""Time Frost" is an imaginary record of the mutation process of sound locked in ice and transformed over millennia. Like ghosts of music trapped in the ever-changing permafrost. The album was originally released in a series of publications from Glacial Movements. Virtually unavailable in any form for many years, over time it has become a hard-to-find rarity, sought after by fans of the British project. This reissue changes that state of affairs.

die ganze platte: Marc Kellaway - Nocturnal Machines/The Cat Box (Di, 30.04.24, 13-14 uhr)

Er schreibt: "I have always been fascinated with the blurring of boundaries in sound - between the acoustic and the electric, the real and the artificial. For me this is closely related to the hours shifting between day and night, where the relation between sight and sound also becomes more uncertain. Drum machines sounding like birds. Birds sounding like synthesizers. Field-recordings abstracted into beats or drones.

die ganze platte: Negarit Band - Orgins/Buda Musique (Di, 23.04.24, 13-14 uhr)

Das label schreibt: "For several years, Nègarit has established itself as the leading orchestra of the Ethiopian instrumental scene, choosing to perform regularly at the Fendika [ፈንድቃ Fèndeqa – exultation, exuberance], underground and popular lair, hyperactive and mutating melting pot, rather than in the conventional clubs of the nice neighborhoods – which today tend to transform into shishabét (shisha bars)..."
Kontakt: thomas [at] fsk-hh [dot] org

die ganze platte: Are Mundal - Compilation Vol.1, Disc 1/Telesterion Records (di, 16.04.24, 13-14 uhr)

Klassisches industral ablum dieses musikers aus bergen, norwegen.
Kontakt: thomas [at] fsk-hh [dot] org

die ganze platte: Geins't Nait + Scanner + L.Petitgand - Et il y'avait/ici dáilleurs (Di, 09.04.24, 13-14 uhr)

Das label schteibt: "Since 2014, when the Mind Travels [Ici, d'ailleurs] series was created, Geins't Naït and Laurent Petitgand have been churning out project after project, constantly experimenting with sound.

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