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radio gagarin: Christine Dreier und Ansgar Wilken live in den fsk 93,.00 mhz studios (freitag, 8.07.22, 20-22 uhr)

Heute haben wir Christine Dreier zu gast. Sie schreibt über sich selbst: "Chris Dreier spielt mit Döpfermodulen, Field Recordings, Tapes und Effects.

archive & augenzeugen: Savage Repulic - Tragic Figures/Real Gone Music (dienstag, 05.07.22, 14-15 uhr)

Hier die Doppel-Lp des klassikers von 1982. Die erste lp beinhaltet das orginal album, die zweite alternativ versionen. Über savage republic schreibt discogs: "Hailing from the Los Angeles underground of the 1980s, Savage Republic forged an astonishing reputation for themselves with their legendary performances. Their brand of ritualistically tribal exhibitions blurred the boundaries of Post-Punk and Industrial music.

die ganze platte: Aidan Baker - The Evelyn Tables/Cloudchamber Recordings (dienstag, 05.07.22, 13-14 uhr)

Das label schreibt: "The Evelyn tables, the oldest known anatomical preparations in Europe, dating to 1646, are an early yet humbling insight into the networks within the human body, a network within natural networks that govern the physical constraints of the human material existence. Observing them from the outside, they are uncannily reminiscent of a floral network, yet at the same time strangely familliar.

die ganze platte: Philip Jeck - Surf/Touch (dienstag, 28.06.22, 13-14 uhr)

Auch dieses jahr gestorben ist philip jeck, hier spielen wir seine zweite veröffentlichung "Surf" von 1999 auf Touch. Discogs schreibt: "Philip Jeck (1952 - 25 March 2022) lived in Liverpool and studied visual art at Dartington College of Arts. He started working with record players and electronics in the early '80's and made soundtracks and toured with many dance and theatre companies as we as well as his solo concert work.

die ganze platte: To Live and Save In LA - Noon And Eterenity/Menlo Park Recordings (dienstag, 21.06.22, 13-14 uhr)

Dieses jahr ist leider Tom Smith von live and shave in l.a. gestorben. War immer ein gern gesehender gast bei radio gagarin und das über jahre hinweg. Discogs schreibt über ihn: "Avant-garde composer, producer, performer, writer, and label manager, active since the mid-1970s.
Born in Adel, Georgia, 1956.
Died January 20, 2022 in Hannover, Germany.

radio gagarin - neuheiten und altbewährtes im mix, playlist (freitag, 10.06.22, 20-22 uhr)

1. zemi17 - the ring in satu - banscamp
2. john cage & zeitgeist - music for (4) - neuma
3. yosuke tokunaga - gakahoism - bandcamp
4. yins - scrim - bandcamp
5. yenting hsu - coordinates - ash international
6. xfnx - alchemical part 2 - bandcamp
7. wärheäd - dissolution - bandcamp
8. wanderwelle - jonah - important records
9. void stasis - liquid fire - cryo chamber
10. vomir and white widow - asbestos devolution - bandcamp
11. tineidae - mothership calls - cryo chamber
12. tongue depressor + austin lakin - three aprons of hide - bandcamp
kontakt: thomas [at] fsk-hh [dot] org

archive & augenzeugen: Geins´t Nait - L´Or´N Cät/Klanggalerie (dienstag, 07.06.22, 14-15 uhr)

Wiederveröffentlichung des album der französischen experimental band von 1987. + einige tracks von Genesis P.Orridge & David Ball ‎– Imagining October: Soundtrack von 1984.
Kontakt: thomas [at] fsk-hh [dot] org

die ganze platte: Kee Avil - Crease/Constellation (dienstag, 07.06.22, 13-14 uhr)

Das label schreibt: "Crease is the debut album by Kee Avil, a project led by Montréal producer and guitarist Vicky Mettler: a singular expression of fractured dream logic concretized in chiselled postpunk guitar, sinuous low-end electronics, a panoply of organic and digital samples creating alternately twitchy and propulsive rhythm, and the anxious intimacy of her finely wrought lyricism and vocals.

die ganze platte: Éliane Radigue & Frédéric Blondy - Occam XXV/Organ Reframed (dienstag, 31.05.22, 13-14 uhr)

Das label schreibt über die cd: "In 2018 experimental festival Organ Reframed commissioned Éliane Radigue to write her first work for organ, 'Occam Ocean XXV'. Radigue worked closely with organist Frédéric Blondy at the Église Saint Merry in Paris before transferring the piece to Union Chapel for its premiere at Organ Reframed on 13 October 2018. The recording on this compact disc was made at a private session at Union Chapel on 8 January 2020.

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