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die ganze platte: Sky Burial - Stations Of The Sun/Opa Loka Records (dienstag, 32.08.2021, 13-14 uhr)

Fantastische vielschichtige ambientplatte von Sky Burial.

die ganze platte: Steve Noble - Solo/Empty Birdcage Records (dienstag, 17.08.2021, 13-14 uhr)

Exzellente soloschlagzeugplatte von steve noble auf einem minimalen drumset. Discogs schreibt über ihn: "Steve Noble plays drums, percussion and turntables. He studied with Nigeria master drummer Elkan Ogunde and in the early 1980s was a member of Rip Rig and Panic, touring extensively throughout Europe and England.

radio gagarin - neuheiten und altbewährtes im mix (playlist, gestern, 13.08.2021)

1. section 25 - private hell - klanggalerie
2. alex ward - the celebrated restriction - discus
3. haino, o´rourke, ambarchi - part 1 - black truffle
4. asmus tietchens & miki yui - oboro - tal
5. asmus tietchens - hydrophonie 22 - auf abwegen
6. aaron dilloway + lucrecia dalt - tender cuts - hanson records
7. albrich + final - valkyrie - bandcamp
8. altar of flies - hur regn uppstar - ideal recordings
9. alex riva - sun ra becomes rasam - bandcamp
10. geins´t nait - 1234567 - klanggalerie
11. remko scha - track 1 - black truffle

archive & augenzeugen: Thomas Köner - Nuuk/ Mille Plateaux (dienstag, 03.08.2021, 14-15 uhr)

Thomas Köner braucht man wohl nicht vorzustellen. Diese 2004 veröffentlichte cd zeigt ihn von einer tieftönigen, minimalen art. Nuuk ist übrings die hauptstadt von grönland.
Dazu noch drei stücke von der neuen veröffentlichung, The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree von Final, justin k. Broadricks ambient projekt.
Kontakt: thomas [at] fsk-hh [dot] org

die ganze platte: Daniel Menche - Dirge/ Ferns (dienstag, 03.08.2021, 13-14 uhr)

Zwei lange stücke über gestrichende pianoseiten, meisterhaft! Er schreibt über sich selbst: "Daniel Menche is an iconic experimental musician from Portland, Oregon. His extensive history of recording and performance spans three decades and counting. Menche's sonic abstractions manifest through intense noise, immersive drones, dense ambiance, poly-rhythmic percussion, turbulent nature field recordings, abused acoustic instruments and many other sources.

die ganze platte: Don Cherry's New Researches - Organic Music Theatre: Festival de jazz de Chateauvallon 1972 (20.07.2021)

Jetzt aber wirklich, weil endlich veröffentlicht: "In the late 1960s, the American trumpet player and free jazz pioneer Don Cherry (1936–1995) and the Swedish visual artist and designer Moki Cherry (1943–2009) began a collaboration that imagined an alternative space for creative music, most succinctly expressed in Moki’s aphorism “the stage is home and home is a stage.” By 1972, they had given name to a concept that united Don’s music, Moki’s art, and their family life in rural Tagårp, Sweden into one holist

radio gagarin playlist für den 09.07.2021, 20-22 uhr

1. Dead Neanderthals - Bear Mace - Bandcamp
2. T. Gowdy - Therapy With Colour - Constellation
3. Zimmermann + Lienhad - kaputt 02 - Bandcamp
4. Yiorgis Sakellariou - Degti - Cornica
5. Iannis Xenakis - Les Pocytopes I - Karlrecords
6. Wits, Zarakov, Meung - 01 - Bandcamp
7. Parkins, Rassmussen, Sawyer - Nat Bygone, Just Biggone - Relative Pitch Records
8. Will Bolton - Beyond The River - Bandcamp
9. Will Bolton - Unravelling - Bandcamp
10. White People Killed Them - A side - Siege
11. Kali Malone - Pipe Inversions - Important Records

archive & augenzeugen: Hans van Eck - Blind Area/Dead Mind Records (dienstag, 06.07.2021, 14-15 uhr)

Eine elektro-akustische produktion von Hans Van Eck aus seinen archiven von 1987. Was ihr kennt Hans Van Eck nicht? Hier schreibt er über sich selbst: "The art of music arises from the digestion of sounds in the ears and minds of the listener. In the chain of creation the composer is only one facet, the performer and listener play just as important a role. In my opinion this is even more true when timbre is used as the most important carrier of meaning.

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