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radio gagarin - altbewährtes und neuheiten im mix, playlist am 10.02.23 um 20 uhr

1. diminished men - wet moon - bandcamp
2. dewa alit & gamalan salukat - likad - black truffle
3. dave phillips - we are not seperate - bandcamp
4. david wallraf - l´omblic des limbes - bandcamp
5. david lee myers - fingers - bandcamp
6. david wallraf - dysphoria - bandcamp
7. sleep research facilty - sargo - cold spring
8. dead voices on air - concretion - cold spring
9. deison - memory loss - bandcamp
10. dillon tulk - n.e. - bandcamp
11. dressing - knotted thought - bandcamp
12. dronny darko & g m slater - the infinity bell part 1 - cryo chamber

radio gagarin - neuheiten und altbewährtes im mix (Di, 07.02.2023, 15:00 Uhr)

Wiederholung der ersten sendung letzten monats.
Kontakt: thomas [at] fsk-hh [dot] org

archive & augenzeugen: Section Twentyfive - Hymns From The Bardo (archival early concert recordings)/klanggalerie (Di, 07.02.23

Discogs schreibt: "Section 25 were formed in Blackpool, Lancashire in April 1978 by brothers Lawrence and Vincent Cassidy, taking their name from a provision of the Mental Health Act which allowed for compulsory detention. The group joined Factory Records and were produced by Martin Hannett and later Bernard Sumner.

die ganze platte: Philippe Petit - A Reassuring Elsewhere, Chapter 1/Oscillations (Di, 07.02.2023, 13:00 Uhr)

Das label schreibt: "Time has collapsed in on itself and we live in a world of wreckage, some of which still functions beautifully. The first chapter of Philippe Petit’s trilogy, 'A Reassuring Elsewhere', is an exercise in what he calls ‘retro-futurism’, where all that was pinned to a particular moment is brought forward in a novel way, clocks be damned. But all this messing with time has a playful, joyous dimension. As Petit describes ‘A Reassuring Elsewhere is a trilogy

die ganze platte: Demdike Stare – Physics/DDS (Di, 31.01.2023, 13:00 Uhr)

Exzellentes neues jungle mixtape vom demdike stare aus england.

die ganze platte: The Residents – So Long Sam (1945 - 2006), disc 1/Klanggalerie (Di, 24.01.2023, 13:00 Uhr)

Am 07.02.23 spielen die residents in der kampnagelfabrik. Als appetitanreger spielen wir ein livekonzert, wo sie klassiker der amerikanischen musik interpretieren - was eine lange tradition bei den residents hat. Aber hier noch einige genrelle informationen über sie bei discogs: "The official inception of the Residents was the release of Meet The Residents in 1974, but members of the group had worked together since 1969 or perhaps earlier.

die ganze platte: Al-Qasar - Who We Are?`/Glitterbeat (Di, 17.01.2023, 13:00 Uhr)

Middle Eastern psych-rock collective Al-Qasar’s debut album is an explosive mix of heavy Arabian grooves, global psychedelia and North African trance music.
The band calls it "Arabian fuzz." Brazenly electric and deeply connected.
Guests include Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) and Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys).

Radio Gagarin playlist für den 13.01.22, um 20.00 uhr

1. david grubbs & jan st. werner - soixante ooze - bandcamp
2. david lee myers - chamber - bandcamp
3. dead melodies - sleuth - cryo chamber
4.. david tudor - rainforest iv (except) - bandcamp
5. dead voices on air - urra - bandcamp
6. declan synnott - everything lost in the image - bandcamp
7. awkwark geisha - acid bath - bandcamp
8. kollaps - relapse theatre - cold spring
9. tenhornedbeast - this is the first death - cold spring
10. colossloth - pain is the cleanser - cold spring

die ganze platte: Thorsten Soltau - Gewächse Im Zwielicht, An End And One Another/Drone Records (Di, 10.01.2023, 13:00 Uhr)

Thorsten Soltau kommt aus oldenburg und ist langjähriges mitglied in der hörbar e.v. in hamburg. Hier präsentiert er eine großangelegte collage von akustischen und elektronischen sounds.
Kontakt: thomas [at] fsk-hh [dot] org

UBRadio Salon #355 (So, 08.01.2023, 22:00 Uhr)

2-hours of live experimental/electronic/noise/collage/improv by the folks who bring you Big City Orchestrae & UBUIBI (www.ubuibi.org). Netcast on DFM Radio Television International (www.dfm.nu), 2 November 2014.

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