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IT'S ALL ABOUT PUNK SHOW: LIVE (Dienstag, August 16, 22:00)

This Tuesday, on It’s All About Punk Show. I'm back from vacation and already planning the next one. Many new releases, some finest punk acts which I saw recently. Featuring AUTOR, BEROSSZULÁS, GLASS and more. Tune in!

August 16th, Tuesday
10P.M./22:00 (CEST) : FSK 93.0 Hamburg (

cover photo: AUTOR performing at Fluff Fest on July 29th ’22. Made by me

It's All About Punk Show LIVE (Dienstag, April 19, 22Uhr)

TONIGHT! It's All About Punk Show going LIVE on FSK 93.0 Hamburg.

April 19th. Tuesday
10p.m./22:00 (CEST)

Be ready to hear many spring garage tunes, diverse punk, featuring LASSIE, ROMERO, LA URSS and more. Tune in!

Cover photo: LASSIE. Made by Johann Von Cargo. Handmade collage by B.

More info:

It's All About Punk Show Special with Kobra (hc punk/anarcho-punk Milan, Italy) (Montag, 6.12, 12:00 CET)

It's All About Punk Show Special with Kobra from Milan, Italy. In October I went to Berlin to visit may be one of the last of the greatest punk shows in this year for me, with Kobra, Vole and URIN. I had luck and made an interview with Kobra, they also send me bunch of songs for this show. We talked about Milano punk scene, Italian punk scene, Iron Lung Records, Sentiero Futuro Autoproduzioni, influences, plans and much more. Today midday on FSK Radio! Tune in!

It's All About Punk Show special with Dino (Chain Cult / Feral Kids / Dirty Wombs etc.). Montag 4.10 12:00-14:00

Be ready for the next interview on It’s All About Punk Show. Interview with Dino, the guitarist of Chain Cult, post-punk/dark-punk band from Athens and bands like Feral Kids and Dirty Wombs. Music influences, punk scene in Athens, tour life, La Vida Es Un Mus Records, political situation in greek punk scene, dreams, plans and much more. Chain Cult has also prepared a sick playlist for the show. Tune in!

Cover: Chain Cult performing in Athens. Made by George Argyropoulos / Cement Bench.

It's All About Punk Show x Mondo Bizarro

This Tuesday, September 21st, 22:00 CET!

It’s All About Punk Show live on FSK 93.0 Hamburg with special guests Heiko and Tüddel from Mondo Bizarro - the first and one of the best radio shows in Hamburg and Germany. Last week I was a guest there and now it’s time to switch the parts. This episode is gonna be in german language. Tune in!

Mondo Bizarro:
It's All About Punk Show:

It's All About Punk Show #50. Best of 2020. (Monday, January 4th, 12:00, CET)

It's All About Punk Show. Episode 50. Live on FSK. I'm gonna play my favorite tunes from this strange year. Over 40 punk releases from all over the world, which require your attention. As always the whole variety, from post-punk, synthpop to hardcore punk and many other cool stuff.

It's All About Punk Show #34 (Monday, April 6, 12:00, CET)

It's All About Punk Show #34. Apocalypse podcast. 2 weeks ago me and my friends of Miley Silence decided to make an episode with mix of many cool apocalypse songs. The reason is to try to support our local punk scene, because, as you know, many people are in bad situation right now and can't do anything with it, no shows no jobs, if you can support your local scene and you know how, do it, there're plenty of options to donate. We don't want it to die!

It's All About Punk Show #30. TOP 10 from 2019 SPECIAL! (Monday, December 30, 12:00, CET)

Me and my friends decided to introduce you our tops from 2019. If you're wondering, what did you miss in 2019? We also asked our friends from all over the world to introduce their TOP 10s and we've got more than 40 lists, crazy, take a look, how does it look like right now:

If you have questions about this show or you want to make a review on your local scene, label or whatever, just contact me, i'll be really happy to do this with you, itsallaboutpunkshow [at] gmail [dot] com

It's All About Punk Show #24 (Monday, October 7, 12:00, CET)

Tørsö performing Fluff Fest 2019. Photo by @timbirkbeckphotos.

It's All About Punk Show #24. Straight outta Fluff Fest in Czech Republic. Made together with Jasmine and Mae of Tørsö from Oakland, CA, USA. We talked about a lot of interesting stuff, put a bunch of great bands from Bay Area and not only. It was really great to meet these lovely people and i hope to see them again one day.

Check out the band:

It's All About Punk Show #22 (Monday, September 2, 12:00, CET)

The 3rd and the last episode on tour, with future punx straight outta Moscow, Russian Punx Federation, Rat's Eyes. Catch them on tour in Europe in September, they have already announced their shows:
07.09 Tarto, EE @ Rock’n’Roll Hell
08.09 Riga, LV @ Republika
09.09 Kaliningrad, RU @ Сбитый летчик
10.09 Warsaw, PL @ Przychodnia Skłot
11.09 Prague, CZ @ Balada Bar
12.09 Leipzig, DE @ Stö
13.09 Berlin, DE @ An der Autobahn
14.09 Utrecht, NL @ The Swamp festival
15.09 Paris, FR @ La Comedia

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