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It's All About Punk Show #24 (Monday, October 7, 12:00, CET)

Tørsö performing Fluff Fest 2019. Photo by @timbirkbeckphotos.

It's All About Punk Show #24. Straight outta Fluff Fest in Czech Republic. Made together with Jasmine and Mae of Tørsö from Oakland, CA, USA. We talked about a lot of interesting stuff, put a bunch of great bands from Bay Area and not only. It was really great to meet these lovely people and i hope to see them again one day.

Check out the band:

It's All About Punk Show #22 (Monday, September 2, 12:00, CET)

The 3rd and the last episode on tour, with future punx straight outta Moscow, Russian Punx Federation, Rat's Eyes. Catch them on tour in Europe in September, they have already announced their shows:
07.09 Tarto, EE @ Rock’n’Roll Hell
08.09 Riga, LV @ Republika
09.09 Kaliningrad, RU @ Сбитый летчик
10.09 Warsaw, PL @ Przychodnia Skłot
11.09 Prague, CZ @ Balada Bar
12.09 Leipzig, DE @ Stö
13.09 Berlin, DE @ An der Autobahn
14.09 Utrecht, NL @ The Swamp festival
15.09 Paris, FR @ La Comedia

It's All About Punk Show #23 (Sunday, August 18, 00:00, CET)

Tonight, 00:00 CET. It's All About Punk Show #23 live. Diverse punk, New York City punk, preview on upcoming shows in Hamburg, Get Lost! Fest 7.


If you have questions about this show or you want to make a review on your local scene, label or whatever, just contact me, i'll be really happy to do this with you, itsallaboutpunkshow [at] gmail [dot] com

then Maximum Rock'n'Roll night!

Find previous episodes here:

It's All About Punk Show #21 (Monday, August 5, 12:00, CET)

It's All About Punk Show on tour with Amy and Jim of Dark Thoughts, extended version + fluff fest pickups.

It's All About Punk Show #20 (Sunday, July 21, 00:00, CET)

Tonight, 00:00 CET. It's All About Punk Show #20 (extended version).
First episode of It's All About Punk Show on tour. This one is from Boston, MA with a really great guest and a friend, Alexander Herbert. We found a bunch of cool music and talked about his experience visiting Russia many times, local scene in Boston and around and his book "What About Tomorrow? A History of Punk in Russia 1979-2015" and fanzine "Punks Around:

It's All About Punk Show #19 (Monday, July 1, 12:00, CET)

Today, 12:00 CET. It's All About Punk Show #19 (extended version). The guests are Pan and Karsten of No Spirit Fanzine. We've got bunch of really cool punk records for the show, new ones, old ones and some of the upcoming releases. Many thanks and lots of love to them for coming and making this episode happen. Check out No Spirit Fanzine: ????⚡️

+ some great bands which played K-Town Hardcore Fest in Copenhagen few weeks ago.

Maximum Rocknroll Radio. MRR RADIO #1626 (Monday, April 29, 13:00 CET)

Today, 13:00 CET. MRR RADIO #1626. Review on russian punk scene. Came out on september 9 on Maximum Rocknroll Radio from San Francisco, CA, USA. Photo: Ray, Reunion Show at RAW Fest in Moscow, 2015


Soviet Union and 90’s punk
БРИГАДНЫЙ ПОДРЯД – Зачем я полюбила идиота
НАИВ – Я ложусь спать

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