Difficult Music For Difficult People (Monday \ 5-7 pm MEZ / 4-6 pm GMT)

Well, all information looks like noise until you break the code. Dizzcock, Filter Dread, Jung An Tagen, Shapednoise, Don't DJ, D.N.P, Peder Mannerfelt, Lumisokea, Polv∅, Jose Macabra, Ulli Bomans, Wrekmeister Harmonies, Nova Huta and Pia Burnette & Felix Kubin.
Tune in, drop out!
Wed., 7 December 2016 @ Resonanzraum
Live: Lumisokea
Wed., 7 December 2016 @ Römer (Bremen)
Anachronism 0144
Live: Ulli Bomans, Jose Macabra, Polv∅
DJ: Difficult Music
Thur., 8 December 2016 @ MS Stubnitz
Anachronism 0144
Live: Wrekmeister Harmonies, Jose Macabra, Polv∅ and Fesselstern
DJ: Difficult Music
Thur., 8 December 2016 @ Moloch
kraniche bei den elbbruecken Exil:
Live: Nova Huta
DJ: Sorry Entertainer
Sat., 10 December 2016 @ Westwerk
Live: Pia Burnette, Felix Kubin, Andrew Krell
Two cities, two important venues for all kinds of music and art below the radar, and too much money is needed. The Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg was burnt down and needs to be rebuild. The Islington Mill in Salford needs a new roof to be safe. Both places ask for urgent help in form of donations. Please support them! More: http://www.islingtonmill.com/about-us/support-us-now/ and http://www.pudel.com/
If you know a new nest for homeless Kraniche, please contact: kontakt [at] kraniche [dot] in
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