Racial Attacks in Italy on the Rise!

Wir dokumentieren eine Meldung des Refugee Radio Network:

"Racial Attacks in Italy on the Rise!

On June 2, days after Italy installed a new populist government led by the anti-establishment party Five Star Movement and the far-right League (previously known as the Northern League), a Malian agricultural worker and USB activist, 29-year-old Soumaila Sacko, was shot dead in the southern region of Calabria.

A 43-year-old Italian man, Antonio Pontoriero, is under investigation for Sacko's murder.

Since the new government was installed, its interior minister, the League's Matteo Salvini, has adopted a hard line towards NGOs rescuing migrants and refugees and announced an "ethnically-based" census of Roma people living in informal camps.

Meanwhile, physical attacks against migrants continue. On June 11, a group shot at migrants, reportedly shouting "Salvini, Salvini". On June 22, the Italian Ansa news agency reported that a 22-year-old Malian chef had been shot "for fun" in Naples. He survived the attack.

seven cases in 45 days of racial attacks in italy

And who remembers Idy Diene, the Senegalese killed on 4 March last with a gun on Ponte Vespucci, in Florence, by Roberto Pirrone, a 65-year-old pensioner who will then declare that he has left home with the intention of committing suicide but of not having found the courage, and then turned his fury on the first passerby?

1 - Caserta, 11 June
Around 22 Daby and Sekou, two boys from Mali, guests of a Sprar structure of the Municipality, are hit by a barrage of shotsof air pistol fired from a black Panda in the race, which has approached them three times already. Daby is wounded in the abdomen. In police headquarters tells that the three attackers, during the raid in the Traini style, praised Matteo Salvini

2 - Naples, 20 June
The chef Konate Bouyagui, a 22-year-old Maliano, from four in Italy with a regular residence permit, returns home to the Corso Umberto and takes a plunger in the stomach shot by two guys in a car . He will tell: "I thought I was going to die". "There is a climate of intolerance against people of color due to the campaign of propaganda against immigrants, it is unleashed against the policemen

3 - Forlì, 2 July
A young Nigerian woman is injured in one foot". a pain in my leg, I do not know what happened. "at first the woman is afraid, but a few days later you decide to file a complaint to the police.

4 - Forlì,
is flanked by a car , someone from inside extends out of the window a gun model softair and holes his belly.

5 - Latina, 11 July
This time the victims are two Nigerians aged 26 and 19 who were waiting for the bus at Latina Scalo. Dynamics identical to the previous ones, with a series of shots exploded from the edge of a dark car. "The discriminatory matrix seems clear", says Mayor Damiano Coletta.

6 - Rome, July 17
Mr. Marco, former employee of the Senate, at two o'clock in the afternoon "to try the weapon" shoots from his terrace on the seventh floor of a building in the Cinecittà area. A 13-month-old Roma girlends up in the hospital. The man will say that he had not aimed at anyone in particular, and that he had not noticed that the shot had been successful.

7 - Vicenza, July 26
A worker of Cape Verdean origin, an employee of an electrical plant company, is working on a 7 meter high platform when he feels back pain. To hit him a man who fired from his terrace , who explains to the carabinieri that he was wrong while trying to catch a pigeon.

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